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Weld County Faith Partnership Council Celebrates 10th Anniversary with newsletter

Posted on 02/06/2018
Weld County Faith Partnership Council Celebrates 10th Anniversary with newsletter

Ten years ago, the Board of Weld County Commissioners took on a project few government entities dared: form a proactive partnership with the faith-based community to help identify and address needs throughout the county.

“The faith-based community, churches and faith-based non-profits, are acutely aware of community needs and hear about issues impacting our county,” said Commissioner Julie Cozad, commissioner representative on the council. “Since those groups also provide assistance through their missions to those in need, it was a natural partnership.”

Originally, the council assisted the county’s Department of Human Services implement two grant programs: Building Healthy Marriages and the Fatherhood Initiative, both grants had the goal of building stronger families. Today, the council, which meets monthly, has four focus areas it is working on: Foster Families, Veterans, Homelessness and Youth Development.

“The council brings together representatives from churches and faith-based non-profits across the county as well as representatives from county departments, such as Human Services, to find ways we can work together for the betterment of all,” said Cozad. “For example, in December the council talked about ways it could help bring attention, and hopefully families, to the county’s foster care program. The result was an invitation to Human Services staff and myself to speak at a church about the county’s need for foster families.” Following that speaking event, staff spoke one-on-one with several families who expressed interest in learning more about becoming foster families.

This year, the council approached the Board of Commissioners requesting help in getting information out to the public about their focus areas and goals. “The group wanted to reach more people, whether they were affiliated with a church or not, and let the public know about ways to help in our community,” Cozad said.

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