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Public wifi in all county buildings

Posted on 01/24/2018
Public wifi in all county buildings

Access to the internet via wifi will be available in all county buildings starting January 29 following commissioner approval late last year and a successful test run at providing the service at the Clerk and Recorder’s Office earlier this month.

“We’re happy to provide this service to residents who come to our offices to conduct business,” said Commissioner Chair Steve Moreno. “Our IT team has done a great job testing and implementing this program, and we hope the public finds it useful when they are in our buildings.”

Providing the service does not cost the county any additional money as the buildings were already fitted for wifi use. “There is no additional cost for this service,” said Chief Information Officer Ryan Rose. “For us, it was having the approval from the Board of Commissioners to reconfigure the existing wireless equipment and ensure that additional wireless users would not negatively impact the bandwidth employees need to do their jobs. We also wanted to make sure we had the appropriate security protocols in place so that we can continue to keep the county’s network safe.”

To access the Guest Wireless service in a county building a user must provide information for the system to create the account and password. Once the account and password have been created, the user will be able to browse the internet and access online county resources. Access is granted on a temporary basis and will provide high-speed connectivity to all county online resources.

“As a board we recognize that citizen access to online resources is important,” said Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer. “We hope the new guest wireless access will continue to provide a positive citizen experience for everyone visiting our county departments and offices.”