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New System, Repair, Vault, and Statement of Existing

If you wish to install a new system, repair or upgrade an existing system, reconnect to an approved existing system, or install a vault, you will need an application form. A vault is allowed only in specific circumstances. Please contact the Health Department to determine if your situation qualifies. 


A permit will not be issued until these items are submitted, and you must come to the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment with all forms and fees to have your request processed.

Please allow five working days from the date of inspection to process your permit.

  • Completed Septic Information Form (see Application Packet) with appropriate fee.
  • Site and soils evaluation, design document, engineered design (if necessary) signed and stamped, and site plan. Information less than (10) years old can be accepted.
  • The Parcel Number. This can be obtained from the Weld County Assessor's Office.
  • Authorization Form completed if applicant is not the property owner.
  • Map of directions to property.
  • Owner's name must be posted at site.
  • Application Packet.

Prior to permit issuance, a site inspection will be made. Please be sure the site is marked, and the location of the well or cistern and absorption system and soil tests also are marked with stakes or flagging. If we can't find your site, we cannot process your application.


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