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To search for issued permits, please visit Weld County's e-permit webpage.

Right-of-Way Use Permit

The Right-of-Way Use Permit is a tool to help regulate unauthorized obstructions of, excavations in, and use of the County’s rights-of-way and easements by utilities and line providers by requiring permits for ALL construction activities within the Weld County rights-of-way, whether gravel or paved, and including all public drainage easements. A Right-of-Way Use Permit grants a permit holder permission to occupy, excavate, survey, perform locations, or construct facilities within the County rights-of-way or easement, and provide for the subsequent restoration upon completion.

County Code - Right-of-Way Use Permit Policy
Right-of-Way Use Permit Application, Fee Schedule & Provisions

Special Transport Permit

The Special Transport Permit shall be required when vehicles using the County Road network are overweight or oversized or both. Guidelines for legal limitations and definitions can be found in the Rules and Regulations section of the Colorado Department of Transportation 2 C.C.R. 601-4. This permit is intended to implement safe traveling conditions for the permit holder, as well as the traveling public on Weld County roads. This permit is issued in addition to all other State, City, or neighboring County permits. 

The Standard Permit is issued for a single one-way trip for all OS/OW vehicles/loads, house moves*, special transport loads, etc. *Mobile homes must include a copy of the tax authentication (see Treasurer) with application.

Annual Standard permits are subject to approval. 

Oil rig permits are issued each time a rig changes location and utilizes County roads. All vehicles/loads associated with a specific rig move are included in the approved permit. Work over rigs may apply for an annual oil rig permit.

For additional permit conditions and/or restrictions that may apply to these vehicles, please see the Special Transport Permit Application form. There is a minimum of 24 hours for processing and approval from the time applications are received. Applications received after 3:30 p.m. will go onto the next business day.

Transport Permit

Access Permit

Land use, natural resources recovery, general utilities and development have impacts on County roads. The Road Access Policy in the Weld County Code recognizes that the efficiency and safety of County roads depend, to a large extent, upon minimizing roadside interference and its detrimental effect upon the movement of traffic.

Access Permit
Access Permit Instructions
Typical Traffic Control plan

For more information, contact Tiffnee Lamb at 970-400-3718.
Please also see our Access Control Plans page.

Memorial Signs

A memorial sign must be requested by the victim’s family or other sponsor with the consent of the victim’s family, utilizing the form set forth in the Weld County Code, Appendix 8-L. Upon submittal of a Roadside Memorial Sign Application with fee to the Weld County Public Works Department, Weld County shall review the application for acceptance.

Memorial Sign Sample
Memorial Signs Application

Call Before You Dig (811)

Call811.comKnowing where underground utility lines are buried before each digging project begins helps to prevent injury, expense and penalties. The depth of utility lines may vary and multiple utility lines may exist in one area. Simple digging jobs can damage utility lines and can disrupt vital services to an entire neighborhood, harm those who dig and result in expensive fines and repair costs. Marked lines show those who dig the approximate location of underground lines and help prevent undesired consequences.

One easy phone call to 811 quickly begins the process of getting underground utility lines marked. 811 personnel will then notify affected utility companies, who will send crews to mark underground lines for free.

For simple home improvement projects and even on private property, calling 811 will save you time and hassle.

For further information, visit


Public Works Department

1111 H Street, Greeley
Phone: (970) 400-3750
Fax: (970) 304-6497

Mailing address:
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