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Zoning Compliance

Mission Statement

To ensure that land use and land development are consistent with adopted codes so that quality of life and property values are maintained for County residents, businesses and property owners through response to citizen concerns.

Enforcement Discretion

All code violations may not meet a degree of significance to warrant continued staff time and the expenditure of further County funds. For instance, if a property has 1 (one) Derelict Vehicle, it is unlikely anyone would find the violation warrants the same degree of staff time as a property with 10 (ten) Derelict Vehicles - anyone, that is, except the complaining citizen. In these instances, the Code Compliance Officer (CCO) has the ability to determine that although a technical violation exists, the violation does not meet a standard of significance to warrant further expenditure of staff time and County resources.

Substantial Compliance

The standard of "substantial compliance" is critical for managing scarce County resources. Substantial compliance allows the County to close those cases that fundamentally satisfy County requirements. For example, where a property owner brings the property into compliance by mitigating the most serious and significant violations, but still has an outstanding minor violation, like the example above of a fence one inch above height limitations, the CCO will bring this to the owner's attention with a notice listing those items that have been corrected and minor items which the owner should correct, but which staff will not actively pursue (unless, of course, the minor violations become more serious at a later date).

Weld County Code Compliance staff has adopted the AACE (American Association of Code Enforcement) Code of Ethics.

  • I will uphold the constitutional property rights of all citizens to ensure due process with fairness and consistency.
  • I will seek to improve the quality of life within my jurisdiction by enforcing all laws in an exemplary manner.
  • I will strive to inspire public confidence and trust in my profession by performing my duties with honor, integrity, truthfulness and fairness.
  • I will carefully avoid conflicts of interest, or appearance of impropriety, and will not accept, nor offer, any form of gift for the performance of my duties.
  • I will strive to be more knowledgeable of my profession through continuous training and education.
  • I will not permit personal feelings, prejudices nor influences (political or otherwise) to interfere, prohibit or delay the process of enforcement.


Planning and Building Department

1555 N 17th Ave
Greeley, CO 80631

Phone: (970) 400-6100 
Fax: (970) 304-6498

To contact the correct Zoning Compliance Officer, please click here.

Bethany Pascoe - South Division

Zoning Compliance Officer

Phone: (970) 400-3555

Hannah Dutrow - North Division

Zoning Compliance Officer

Phone: (970) 400-3536