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Interactive Maps

Please note that the information on these maps may change without notice. Printed map products may also be purchased from the GIS / Mapping office during standard business hours.

property map search

Map property search, with links to tabular data and other files.

Road ROW

Road Right of Way research, including links to scans of documents dating back to the 1800's.

Road Closures

Current and upcoming road closures in unincorporated Weld.

Oil and Gas map

Features related to Oil and Gas Development.

Road Maintenance

Contact information for concerns such as plowing and grading on roadways in Weld County.

emission zones

Gas and Diesel emission testing zones in Weld County


Election data for Weld County, including election districts.

land use

Land Use in Weld County, showing permit layers from the Planning Department.


Zoning for unincorporated Weld County