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Service industry relief fund update

Posted on 12/23/2020
Service industry relief fund update

Just over $3 million in grants has been distributed to Weld County businesses through two rounds of the Weld County Business Recovery Program. Over 400 businesses, employing 2,274 people, applied since the program launched in August. Upstate Colorado administered the program utilizing CARES Act funding from Weld County and contributing municipalities. The Recovery Program was open to all businesses with a physical presence in Weld County, primarily distributing grants to restaurants, service providers, and retail stores to help cover COVID related expenses and lost revenue.

The Board of County Commissioners has made a new round of grant funding available, provided by Weld County’s economic development fund, bringing an additional $2 million to support local “high-risk” businesses impacted by the pandemic who have had to close or significantly modify services to meet increased COVID-19 guidelines. The Weld County Service Industry Relief Fund is currently accepting applications and will review and approve grant funding on a two-week rotating basis through the January 31, 2021 deadline. Businesses have already begun receiving awards through this new fund, which will continue on a need based, first-come first-served basis, prioritizing first time applicants in service industries including restaurants, bars and other food and beverage service providers; live event venues; movie theaters; gyms and fitness centers; bowling centers, arcades, and other recreation facilities.

Upstate Colorado’s president, Rich Werner honors businesses during this difficult time and takes pride in the resiliency of our local business leaders who continue going above and beyond to ensure the safety of our community saying, “So many of our local public facing business have had been working hard to institute new health and safety measures and it’s important to help them through this process, as they are now faced with additional closures and capacity issues.”

Additional information, official guidelines, and the online application for the Weld County Service Industry Relief Fund can be found at