Weld County GIS launches mobile property viewer

Published on December 09, 2021

A person looking at their cell phone.

In an effort to continually make finding Weld County property information easier and more convenient, a new platform, known as the mobile property viewer, has officially launched. The viewer, designed to make viewing real property information easier on smartphones, serves as an addition to Weld County’s existing property portal.

“This viewer is not intended to replace the full property portal but was designed to make it easier for people using smartphones to find information on real property, such as residential and commercial properties,” said Jake Mundt, Director of the Geographic information Systems (GIS) Division of the Weld County Department of Information Technology. “We knew the existing property portal could be difficult to navigate on a mobile device, so we wanted to make it easier to find specific property information.”

The viewer features several mobile-friendly functions including a search widget with predictive text that can quickly return property reports containing property tax information, Notice of Valuation information, taxing districts and more. While this information has always been available on mobile devices previously, the goal behind creating the viewer was to enable information to load more quickly and be more easily navigated on the screen size of a cell phone.

While the viewer can make it easier to find real property information on a smartphone, the viewer does not contain information related to oil and gas wells or sales data of individual properties.  However, that information can still be viewed on the desktop version of the property portal.

“Our goal was to make something responsive to mobile devices, and in doing so, we learned that you can’t replicate everything,” Mundt said, explaining that IT staff worked through six different versions of the viewer throughout the year. “However, it’s always our goal to find better ways to deliver better experiences to our residents using technology, and we believe this enhancement to our mobile property portal does just that.”

The mobile property portal can be viewed on both Android and Apple devices and can be found by visiting https://www.co.weld.co.us/maps/propview/ on a mobile web browser. 

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