There is much to gain by serving on advisory boards

Published on August 25, 2021

People raising hands. Text reads: Volunteers needed.

A newspaper advertisement in 1996 first beckoned Bruce Fitzgerald to apply for an opening on the Weld County Planning Commission.

Along with serving on the Planning Commission from 1997 to 2007, Fitzgerald also served on the Board of Adjustment for eight years and is currently volunteering his time on the Area Agency on Aging Advisory Board.

“I feel more connected to Weld County Government now that I’ve served on these boards and commissions for the past 24 years,” Fitzgerald said. “I can explain county processes to other residents in general terms and why the county does things a certain way. I’m proud to be a voice on and for these boards.”

Dennie Kutcher, an employee of the Weld County Public Works Department, currently serves on three boards: the Noxious Weed Management Advisory Board, Greeley Housing Authority and Island Grove Park Advisory Board. Prior to volunteering on these boards, Kutcher had no experience in or knowledge of these areas. He learned quickly, though, thanks to other members.

“Serving on these boards has been very beneficial for me, I think everyone should devote their time to volunteering on these boards,” Kutcher said, “I’ve grown as a person, solved problems, learned the inner-workings of the county. Knowing I’m a part of helping my county and its residents be better is a great feeling.”

Don’t know everything about county government or a particular board or commission? That’s OK. While some boards and commissions are seeking residents with a specific background or experience in a field, each is looking for individuals who are passionate, excited to learn more about county government and who want to contribute their time, talent and ideas to ensure government services continue to meet residents’ expectations.

These volunteer opportunities allow citizens a chance to work alongside each other and county staff to share ideas about how services can be strengthened to have the greatest benefit. Volunteering is a great way to enhance knowledge of county government and become an advocate for the many programs and services Weld County Government offers to residents.

“We’re continuously looking for and encouraging citizen involvement in county government, and one of the best ways to do that as a resident is to volunteer on one or multiple boards and commissions,” Weld County Chair Steve Moreno said. “We greatly appreciate when residents offer their time and thoughts to enhance the many services we provide.”

Currently, there are several openings on the following boards and commissions: Board of Public Health, Building Trades Advisory Committee, Human Services Advisory Commission, Noxious Weed Management Advisory Board, Weld County Building Code Board of Appeals, Weld Faith Partnership Council, Workforce Development Board. To apply, please visit