Public invited to open house of new Coroner's Office

Published on May 25, 2021

Tables within the Coroner's Office

After many years located in the Centennial Center in downtown Greeley, the Weld County Coroner’s Office is moving to a newly renovated facility just south of the Weld County Administration Building. Prior to officially opening, the public is welcome to attend an open house on Wednesday, June 2, from noon to 5:00 p.m. The new office is located at 1121 M Street in Greeley.

The new facility will transform the Coroner’s Office into a fully functioning autopsy facility, giving staff significantly more space to care for decedents and eliminating the need to use the autopsy unit at McKee Medical Center in Loveland as the office has done in previous years. Carl Blesch, Weld County Deputy Coroner, said the addition allows for quicker and more efficient after-life care, which benefits family members and loved ones and positions the Coroner’s Office to deal with the county’s projected growth in the future.

“Since the county was founded, the Coroner’s Office has never had its own autopsy facility,” he said, explaining how having one in-house eliminates travel time to and from Loveland, allowing staff to focus solely on investigations while being able to deliver quicker autopsy results. “We had about 900 investigations last year, and not all of them required an autopsy. But as the county gets bigger, inevitably, we will have more autopsies. We want to make sure we get the information we need, but also that families get their loved ones to the funeral home as quickly as possible without delay.”

Renovations to the Coroner’s Office began in September of last year. The building was originally constructed in 1992 and served as the old ambulance building for many years. Transforming the building into a Coroner’s Office involved renovating 12,621 square feet of existing space and adding 6,597 square feet of clinical space as well as a drive-thru garage. The new facility totals 19,218 square feet. Cost of the renovations totaled $3,079,000.

Beyond providing a new use to an existing county building, the county will save money by no longer having to pay McKee Medical Center for the use of its facility. Additionally, for a fee, neighboring counties without their own facility can use Weld County’s.

“This renovation puts our Coroner’s Office with others throughout the state and is the latest example of how we are trying to find ways to continually deliver the best services to our residents,” Weld County Commissioner Chair Steve Moreno said. “Most importantly, it is a way we can deliver closure more quickly and efficiently to those mourning the loss of loved ones throughout Weld County.”

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