Preparing for emergencies focus of September proclamation

Published on September 01, 2021

OEM staff with Board of Commissioners

Joining in a national effort to remind people about the importance of preparing themselves, their families, their homes and their businesses for different emergencies, the Weld County Board of Commissioners has proclaimed the month of September National Preparedness Month.

“We know people have a lot on their minds and preparing for emergencies might not be one of those things, but we encourage residents throughout the month of September to set aside time to ensure they have plans in plans in place as well as supplies should an emergency occur,” Weld County Chair Steve Moreno said. “Preparation can provide peace of mind when faced with moments of uncertainty.”

While the board has joined with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Weld County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in proclaiming September National Preparedness Month for many years, recent weather events in Weld County — the EF2 landspout tornado on June 7, rainstorms and flooding from June 28 through July 3 or the heavy snowstorms in March that left many without power — bring heightened importance about the need to be prepared.

“What we really ask people to think about is, ‘how will an emergency situation impact me, my family, my home or business?’ That’s a question that could mean many things to different people,” said Roy Rudisill, Weld County OEM Director. “However, it’s important to have enough supplies to last at least three days. Think things like water, flashlights to use during a power outage, blankets, non-perishable food or shelter for outside pets. Aside from just having supplies, this month is a great time to create or practice emergency plans, so that everyone knows what to do in an emergency event.”

Throughout the month of September, residents can find posts on the county’s Facebook and Twitter pages highlighting the importance of National Preparedness Month, reminding them of important supplies to have in a disaster supply kit and explaining some of the important things Weld County Government does regularly to stay prepared. Preparedness information can also be found by visiting the Community Preparedness Information and Guides webpage at Emergency Preparedness resources can also be found by clicking the Make a Plan tab at

National Preparedness Month is part of FEMA’s Ready campaign, which launched in 2003. According to Ready’s website, the campaign asks individuals to do four key things: Stay informed about the different types of emergencies that could occur and their appropriate response, make a family emergency plan, build an emergency supply kit and get involved in their communities by taking action to prepare for emergencies. This year’s theme is, “Prepare to protect. Preparing for disasters is protecting everyone you love.” Learn more at