Don't miss the upcoming weather spotting class

Published on April 07, 2021

Storm clods forming over an open field.

For the fourth consecutive year, Weld County residents have an opportunity to increase their knowledge of hailstorms, tornadoes, thunderstorms and other types of severe weather by taking a virtual weather spotter training class on Wednesday, April 14 from 6:30 p.m.- 8:30 p.m.  The class is free, but registration is required.

“As we see every year, the county’s weather can change quickly. In the spring, those changes typically revolve around thunderstorms, tornadoes and hailstorms,” said Roy Rudisill, Director for the Weld County Office of Emergency Management. “By taking this class, people will not only learn more about each of those weather scenarios but also how to identify changing weather quickly, allowing them to better prepare themselves and their families.”

The class, led by the National Weather Service (NWS), will offer information valuable to those living in municipalities and rural areas as the discussion will focus on various types of weather common in the urban corridor region. The region includes the Interstate 25 corridor, Weld County and eastern portions of Adams and Arapahoe Counties.

Beyond learning from the discussion and question and answer period, participants will have an opportunity to test their weather spotting skills in the pilot/activation portion of the class and can even earn certification as weather spotters. Weather spotters regularly assist the NWS in providing information meteorologists can use to provide timely warnings to the public during severe weather.

“In a county as large as Weld, it’s not if severe weather will affect you, but when it will,” Rudisill said. “One of the key tools in preparing for severe weather or any type of emergency is situational awareness. While you can boost your own by taking the class, with certification as a weather spotter, you can also assist meteorologists with theirs. It’s a unique opportunity.”

To register for the class, visit the NWS’ SKYWARN website or call the Weld County Office of Emergency Management at (970) 304-6540. For more information on emergency preparedness, visit