2021 Board of Equalization now accepting appeals

Published on June 29, 2021

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Property owners in Weld County in disagreement with the Assessor’s Office over the value of their property have another opportunity to appeal. This week, the Weld County Board of Commissioners convenes as the County Board of Equalization (BOE) — a separate governing body, required by state statute, to form every year and rule on appeals beginning July 1 through August 5. The BOE is currently accepting appeals.

A hearing before the BOE is the second level of protest regarding property values. First, the Assessor’s Office hears from property owners who disagree with their Notice of Valuation (NOV) issued in May. After a thorough review, the office issues a Notice of Determination (NOD) to each property owner that filed an appeal. Only those who appealed their NOV and received an NOD can appeal to the BOE.

Real property appeals (residential, commercial, agricultural, vacant land, etc.) must be received or postmarked by Wednesday, July 15, 2021. Appeals regarding personal property, oil and gas or producing mines must be received or postmarked by Tuesday, July 20, 2021. Please note that no late appeals will be considered, and the BOE cannot accept telephone appeals.

However, appeals can be made in many other ways including:

  • Online through the Weld County Property Portal.
  • By mailing appeals to the attention of the County Board of Equalization, 1150 O St. P.O. Box 758, Greeley, CO 80631. It is recommended that people mailing an appeal retain proof of mailing.
  • Delivering an appeal in person to the Weld County Clerk to the Board’s office. The office is located in the Weld County Administration Building at 1150 O St. in Greeley.
  • By fax. Appeals can be faxed to the attention of the County Board of Equalization at (970) 336-7233.
  • By email at weld-cboe@weldgov.com.

Those submitting an appeal in-person, by mail, email or fax should include their signed and dated NOD or a signed and dated letter with their name, property address or location, account number or parcel number, phone number, email address and the reason(s) why they’re appealing the values in the NOD.

Please visit the Weld County Board of Equalization webpage for more information about the appeal process.