Weld County News Archives

2016 News Archive

12-27-16 County to begin intersection improvements at SH 392 and WCR 74(PDF, 32KB)

12-19-16 2017 budget approved by Commissioners(PDF, 241KB)

12-16-16 $200,000 in funding to support the small business microloan fund approved(PDF, 32KB)

12-12-16 Child welfare division of human services moves downtown(PDF, 80KB)

12-08-16 Commissioners recognize Keenesburg American Legion Women's Auxiliary Post #180(PDF, 70KB)

12-08-16 Commissioners recognize members of Travelling Vietnam Wall Committee(PDF, 83KB)

11-18-16_Weld County receives TAP award for Poudre Trail repair and improvements(PDF, 31KB)

11-17-15_Weld County Commissioners proclaim November 18 Weld County Adoption Day(PDF, 64KB)

11-14-16_Deputies receive life saving awards(PDF, 68KB)

11-10-16_Commissioners Honor Veterans of the Vietnam War(PDF, 68KB)

11-02-16_County approves XZALT test plan for new deicing technology(PDF, 67KB)

10-31-16_Vietnam Veterans to be honored by county at Nov. 9 Board Meeting(PDF, 57KB)

10-28-16_25,000 visitors from around the world(PDF, 52KB)

10-24-16_Annual Town and County Meeting Set for October 27(PDF, 41KB)

10-17-16_Commissioners proclaim October 18 Infant Mortality Awareness Day(PDF, 65KB)

10-17-16_County to install new multi-way stops on seven county roads(PDF, 33KB)

10-14-16_Public Work Sessions for 2017 Budget set for Oct. 18 & 20(PDF, 29KB)

10-12-16_Commissioners tour construction progress on WCR49 Corridor(PDF, 96KB)

10-10-16_Commissioners recognize Public Works' Mike Hillis(PDF, 96KB)

10-07-16_Commissioner Proclaim October Domestic Violence Awareness Month(PDF, 33KB)

10-06-16 Planning Department hosts Kenyan planner(PDF, 81KB)

10-05-16_Weld County approves enhancement to public safety communication(PDF, 31KB)

09-29-16_Commissioners continue with Colorado Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program(PDF, 34KB)

09-20-16_County continues work with Hill-N-Park residents(PDF, 117KB)

09-16-16_County makes strides with improvements for Clerk and Recorder's Office(PDF, 32KB)

09-15-16_Commissioner Conway appointed to NACo Immigration Reform Task Force(PDF, 57KB)

09-15-16_Commissioner Kirkmeyer Named to NACo Steering Committee(PDF, 53KB)

09-08-16_County to give $3.6 million in oil and gas revenue to education(PDF, 182KB)

09-01-16_Junior Livestock Auction results in large food bank donation(PDF, 33KB)

08-30-16_Weld County's Debt Free Status Secure(PDF, 69KB)

08-04-16_Weld County transfers Private Activity Bonds to support local senior housing(PDF, 32KB)

07-14-16_Fair Royalty Presents 2016 Fair Book to Commissioners(PDF, 61KB)

07-06-16_Commissioners seek applications for local boards(PDF, 33KB)

06-30-16_Weld County installs new stop signs(PDF, 84KB)

06-29-16_Weld County receives grant for noxious tree removal(PDF, 160KB)

06-24-16_Temporary solution to open WCR 74 approved by Board(PDF, 57KB)

06-20-16_Weld County Commissioners appoint and reappoint residents to boards and commissions(PDF, 84KB)

06-17-16_Weld Commissioners meet with fellow commissioners to discuss how to best meet the needs of constituents(PDF, 33KB)

06-16-16_Weld County installs new speed limit signs(PDF, 85KB)

06-15-16_Weld County Commissioners proclaim June 15 as Elder Abuse Awareness Day(PDF, 152KB)

06-10-16_Board Openings(PDF, 35KB)

06-06-16_Weld County Commissioners recognize Lori Moser for 39 years of service(PDF, 164KB)

06-03-16_Weld County Commissioners recognize Robert Lane for 27 years of service(PDF, 176KB)

06-02-16_Former Charter Commissioner Member and Commissioner honored by Board(PDF, 78KB)

05-19-16_Weld County Commissioners recognize Mike Ketterling for his work at Island Grove Regional Park(PDF, 148KB)

05-18-16_Weld County Commissioners proclaim May as Mental Health Awareness Month(PDF, 136KB)

05-17-16_Weld County employees come together for Hill-N-Park Clean Up Day(PDF, 205KB)

05-16-16_Weld County Commissioners proclaim May 15-21 as Weld County Police Officers Week(PDF, 139KB)

05-04-16_Local control at heart of Board's request for Hickenlooper veto(PDF, 175KB)

05-02-16_Weld County Commissioners appoint and reappoint residents to boards and commissions(PDF, 96KB)

04-22-16_Weld County Commits $2 million for North I-25 Project(PDF, 34KB)

04-20-16_Weld County Commissioners appoint and reappoint residents to boards and commissions(PDF, 72KB)

04-19-16_Bright Futures surpasses the $1 million mark in funding(PDF, 34KB)

04-19-16_Weld County Department of Public Works received an Excellence in Concrete Pavement Award for the Parkway(PDF, 34KB)

04-18-16_Weld County Commissioners recognize Milliken Mayor Milt Tokunaga(PDF, 153KB)

04-15-16_Weld County Commissioners proclaim April 10-16 as National Crime Victims' Rights Week(PDF, 153KB)

04-14-16_Weld County Commissioners receive donation to the Bright Futures Grant Program(PDF, 158KB)

04-13-16_Weld County Commissioners proclaim April as Child Abuse Prevention Month(PDF, 143KB)

04-12-16_Weld County Commissioners proclaim April 10-16 as National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week(PDF, 147KB)

04-11-16_Weld County Commissioners recognize Sally Gomez for 27 years of service(PDF, 161KB)

04-08-16_Weld County Commissioners proclaim Saturday, April 9, as Day of the Young Child(PDF, 139KB)

03-31-16_Weld County Commissioners recognize Eaton Mayor Scott Moser(PDF, 140KB)

03-30-16_Weld County Department of Public Works receives an additional Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Grant(PDF, 73KB)

03-29-16_Banner Health North Colorado Medical Center named among America's 50 Best Hospitals for the second consecutive year(PDF, 138KB)

03-28-16_ Weld County Commissioners sign intergovernmental agreement with Mountain View Fire Protection District(PDF, 73KB)

03-17-16_Weld County Commissioners recognize Leon Sievers for 15 years of service(PDF, 128KB)

03-10-16_Weld County makes improvements to Island Grove facilities(PDF, 74KB)

03-07-16_Commissioners seek applicants for local boards(PDF, 37KB)

03-07-16_Weld County Housing Authority receives Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery(PDF, 87KB)

03-04-16_Weld County Commissioners recognize 2015 Irrigation Ditch Rider Award recipient(PDF, 130KB)

03-02-16_Weld County receives Internet Crimes Against Children Grant(PDF, 72KB)

03-01-16_Weld County installs new stop signs(PDF, 111KB)

02-29-16_Weld County submits mileage for Highway User Tax Fund(PDF, 248KB)

02-25-16_County PC Refresh Program helps Salida del Sol students(PDF, 132KB)

02-23-16_Weld County Commissioners appoint residents to Workforce Development Board(PDF, 72KB)

02-11-16_Weld County Commissioners appoint and reappoint residents to boards and commissions(PDF, 97KB)

02-09-16_County launches Weld County Road 49 Corridor Project Information Line(PDF, 113KB)

02-08-16_Free prescription discount cards available to Weld County residents(PDF, 108KB)

02-04-16_Weld County launches property data search(PDF, 165KB)

02-03-16_Weld County Commissioners recognize employees for more than 20 years of service(PDF, 157KB)

01-29-16_Applications ready Feb. 1 for Weld County Bright Futures Grant Program(PDF, 32KB)

01-28-16_Spotlight Weld County introduces Chair, Pro-Tem and 2016 Projects(PDF, 56KB)

01-21-16_Weld County receives 2016 Federal Mineral Lease Funds for roads and water testing(PDF, 118KB)

01-20-16_Tax notices contain good news for property owners(PDF, 74KB)

01-19-16_Weld County Commissioners recognize Lin Dodge for 25 years of service(PDF, 136KB)

01-18-16_Weld County Accounting Department received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Award for the 34th Year(PDF, 129KB)

01-15-16_Weld County Commissioners recognize advisory board members(PDF, 74KB)

01-14-16_Cozad eager to assist Colorado's aging population(PDF, 124KB)

01-06-16_Weld County Commissioners proclaim Windsor Wizards Day and University Bulldogs Day(PDF, 179KB)

01-04-16_Commissioners name 2016 Chair, Pro-Tem and coordinator responsibilities(PDF, 118KB)

2015 News Archive

12-30-15_Weld County Commissioners approved 2016 Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan(PDF, 91KB)

12-29-15_Weld County Department of Public Works receives Excellence in Concrete Pavement Silver Award(PDF, 128KB)

12-28-15_Weld County Commissioners approve Parkway Access Control Plan(PDF, 73KB)

12-23-15_Weld County recognized as a StormReady county(PDF, 38KB)

12-22-15_Weld County Department of Public Works receives Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Grant(PDF, 73KB)

12-21-15_Weld County Regional Communications Center recognized on top ten list(PDF, 135KB)

12-18-15_Weld County Commissioners approve 2016 budget(PDF, 87KB)

12-17-15_Weld County Commissioners proclaim December 15 as Bill of Rights Day(PDF, 72KB)

12-14-15_Weld County applied for noxious tree removal grant(PDF, 32KB)

12-11-15_Commissioner Conway elected as chair of the Highway 34 Coalition(PDF, 71KB)

12-10-15_Board recognizes Judy Griego for 40 years of service(PDF, 64KB)

12-08-15_Weld County to host WCR 49 open house meetings this week(PDF, 32KB)

12-03-15_Senior Nutrition Program offers senior lunches at Carbon Valley Rec Center(PDF, 33KB)

11-23-15_Commissioners proclaim Dec. 1 Bright Futures Day(PDF, 35KB)

11-18-15_Commissioners approved changes to the Emergency Operations Plan(PDF, 34KB)

11-13-15_Weld County Commissioners officially opened the Parkway on November 10(PDF, 174KB)

11-09-15_Weld County Offices closed on Veterans Day(PDF, 40KB)

11-03-15_Commissioners proclaim November 20 Weld County Adoption Day(PDF, 59KB)

11-02-15_Commissioners invite public to Parkway ribbon cutting November 10(PDF, 125KB)

10-26-15_Town and County Meeting(PDF, 29KB)

10-21-15_Commissioners continue presentations about Weld County Bright Futures Grant Program(PDF, 33KB)

10-19-15_Spotlight Weld County Highlights Weld County Bright Futures Grant Program(PDF, 31KB)

10-16-15_Public Work Sessions for 2016 Budget Set for October 20 and 22(PDF, 28KB)

10-08-15_CodeRED Emergency Notification Reminder(PDF, 189KB)

10-02-15_Commissioners award contractor for WCR 49(PDF, 38KB)

09-25-15_Commissioners recognize board members for service(PDF, 62KB)

09-24-15_Commissioner Conway appointed to NACo's Immigration Reform Task Force(PDF, 31KB)

09-23-15_Commissioner Kirkmeyer appointed to the Freight Advisory Council(PDF, 31KB)

09-17-15_Commissioners work with residents to solve road issues(PDF, 32KB)

09-01-15_Weld Commissioners Launch Grant Program for Residents(PDF, 551KB)

08-27-15_Weld County Offices Closed for Labor Day(PDF, 190KB)

08-24-15_Third Oil and Gas Forum Scheduled(PDF, 32KB)

08-10-15_Weld County Commissioners approve appointment and reappointments to Planning Commission(PDF, 72KB)

07-28-15_Weld County Code accessible online through Municode(PDF, 71KB)

07-27-15_Weld County Commissioners approve application for Small Business Incentive Program(PDF, 87KB)

07-23-15_Community meeting scheduled to discuss Weld County Road 6 closure and repairs(PDF, 150KB)

07-14-15_Congressman Buck pledges support for north I-25 improvements(PDF, 153KB)

07-10-15_Weld County Public Assistance Fraud Investigations Unit wins awards(PDF, 162KB)

07-08-15_Weld County Director of Finance and Administration receives 34th consecutive award for Distinguished Budget Presentation(PDF, 157KB)

07-06-15_Weld County receives award from Cigna Health Insurance(PDF, 152KB)

07-01-15_Weld County Commissioners and Anadarko Petroleum partner to bring clean water to Wattenberg residents(PDF, 144KB)

07-01-15_Barker returns as Weld County Attorney(PDF, 70KB)

06-24-15_Weld County Commissioners donate computers to Weld Faith Partnership Council(PDF, 154KB)

06-23-15_Weld County Commissioners attend Geisert Pit groundbreaking ceremony(PDF, 142KB)

06-22-15_Commissioners approve change in district boundary lines(PDF, 157KB)

06-19-15_ Planning Department to host second Oil and Gas 101 meeting(PDF, 73KB)

06-18-15_Transportation Summit draws 400 people(PDF, 117KB)

06-17-15_Weld County employee recognized as the voice of the Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline(PDF, 73KB)

06-10-15_Commissioners extend Transportation Summit registration deadline(PDF, 141KB)

06-01-15_Weld County IT Department receives award(PDF, 159KB)

05-29-15_Commissioners join I-76 Economic Development Group to promote three Weld County communities(PDF, 120KB)

05-29-15_Three commissioners featured in "Joy In Our Town" episodes(PDF, 75KB)

05-22-15_Weld County receives TAP grant from CDOT(PDF, 73KB)

05-22-15_Commissioners recognize Lois Millsap for service to Sheriff's Office(PDF, 178KB)

05-21-15_Weld County Offices closed Monday May 25 in honor of Memorial Day(PDF, 70KB)

05-20-15_Weld County Health Department passes FDA Standards audit(PDF, 87KB)

05-12-15_Weld County Commissioners Proclaim May 10-16 as Weld County Police Officers Week(PDF, 131KB)

05-11-15_Weld County to host Transportation Summit; Senator Cory Gardner to be keynote speaker(PDF, 97KB)

05-11-15_Commissioners Proclaim May Mental Health Awareness Month(PDF, 138KB)

05-07-15_$9 million grant received from energy and mineral impact funds(PDF, 75KB)

05-06-15_Commissioners remind residents to sign up for free emergency notification service(PDF, 176KB)

04-27-15_Public Works receives noxious weed removal grant(PDF, 169KB)

04-22-15_Commissioners proclaim this week National Crime Victims' Rights Week(PDF, 140KB)

04-14-15_Weld County Department of Public Works receives Excellence in Concrete Pavement Award(PDF, 130KB)

04-10-15_Weld County Commissioners proclaim Saturday, April 1, as Day of the Young Child(PDF, 111KB)

04-10-15_Weld County debuts improvements to the property portal(PDF, 128KB)

04-08-15_Congressman Polis meets with I-25 Coalition, pledges continued support(PDF, 148KB)

04-07-15_Weld County Planning Department to host Oil and Gas 101 event(PDF, 72KB)

04-01-15_County commissioners recognize April as Child Abuse Prevention Month(PDF, 144KB)

03-31-15_Department of Human Services receives Promising Practices award and funding(PDF, 72KB)

03-30-15_Commissioners Cozad and Moreno talk about their first months in office on Spotlight Weld County(PDF, 73KB)

03-27-15_Board recognizes Tim Marquart for work with Weld County(PDF, 133KB)

03-27-15_Area Agency on Aging Board members recognized for years of service(PDF, 122KB)

03-25-15_Board renews loan fund grant for small business development(PDF, 72KB)

03-23-15 Board honors NCMC on being named one of America's top 50 hospitals(PDF, 144KB)

03-19-15_Weld County Extension Office hires Sterkel for the Jean Hoshiko Memorial Endowment position(PDF, 94KB)

03-18-15_Employment Services of Weld County receives funding for job placement program(PDF, 73KB)

03-13-15_South Platte Round Table approved dewatering plan for Gilcrest(PDF, 70KB)

03-03-15_Commissioners remind residents about discount prescription drug card(PDF, 131KB)

02-27-15_Commissioners accept Johnstown VFW donation for Veterans Services(PDF, 133KB)

02-25-15_Commissioners congratulate Jeannine Truswell on award(PDF, 165KB)

02-24-15_Weld County DHS educates against public assistance fraud(PDF, 135KB)

02-17-15_Spotlight Weld County highlights progress on WCR 49 Parkway(PDF, 86KB)

02-13-15_Weld County delivers computers to new Fort Lupton Boys and Girls Club(PDF, 151KB)

02-12-15_Weld County submits highway tax fund mileage to state

02-11-15_Weld County Road 59 and Highway 52 Project Complete(PDF, 131KB)

02-10-15_County Commissioners Endorse Senate Bill 82(PDF, 72KB)

02-09-15_County Offices will be closed February 16(PDF, 40KB)

02-03-15_County launches service to deliver WCR 49 information to subscribers(PDF, 119KB)

01-29-15_New oil and gas liaison serves Weld County residents(PDF, 73KB)

01-27-15_Weld County receives funds to support roads and water testing(PDF, 57KB)

1-23-15_Spotlight Weld County highlights Information Technology Department(PDF, 87KB)

01-21-15_Coffee with Cozad announcement(PDF, 153KB)

01-09-15 First responder agencies agree on fee schedule for dispatch services(PDF, 72KB)

01-07-15_Weld County receives $2 million from Energy and Mineral Impact Grant Funds(PDF, 73KB)

01-05-15_2015 Welcomes New Chair, New Pro-Tem and New Commissioners(PDF, 171KB)

2014 News Archive

12-30-14_Weld County highlights projects of 2014(PDF, 91KB)

12-29-14_Weld County announces downtown Greeley property purchase(PDF, 71KB)

12-24-14_Weld employee honored as Wellness Coordinator of the Year(PDF, 118KB)

12-23-14_Weld County website now mobile friendly for smart devices(PDF, 187KB)

12-22-14_Weld County Offices holiday closure schedule(PDF, 67KB)

12-17-14_Weld County Commissioners honor County Attorney Bruce Barker for his 31 years of service(PDF, 154KB)

12-16-14_Commissioner approve 2015 Weld County budget including mill levy reduction(PDF, 135KB)

12-16-14_Spotlight Weld County highlights Rademacher and Garcia terms as commissioners(PDF, 102KB)

12-12-14_County Commissioners honored by Colorado Weed Management Association(PDF, 107KB)

12-11-14_Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway elected NFRMPO Chairman for 2014(PDF, 72KB)

12-10-14_Commissioners recognized employees for multiple years of service(PDF, 141KB)

12-01-14_Weld County Commissioners introduce Robert Frick as new county attorney(PDF, 97KB)

11-24-14_Weld County Government Offices will be closed on Thursday, November 27, and Friday, November 28, as holiday days for Thanksgiving.(PDF, 48KB)

11-17-14_Weld County accounting department receives 33rd consecutive award for excellence in reporting(PDF, 140KB)

11-17-14_Weld County Commissioners proclaim November 21 Weld County Adoption Day(PDF, 147KB)

11-13-14_Weld County launches campaign highlighting restaurant inspections(PDF, 113KB)

11-12-14_County contracts with CodeRED to provide emergency notification services(PDF, 93KB)

11-10-14_Weld County offices closed November 11 in honor of Veterans Day(PDF, 48KB)

11-07-14_NFRMPO takes next step toward north I-25 improvements(PDF, 90KB)

10-28-14_Weld County Road 49 Corridor topic for October Spotlight Weld County(PDF, 83KB)

10-22-14_Annual Town and County Meeting Set for October 29(PDF, 62KB)

10-09-1_Public work sessions for 2015 budget set for October 14 and 16(PDF, 68KB)

10-08-14_Weld Commissioners oppose Amendment 68(PDF, 62KB)

10-08-14_Groundbreaking for new Weld County Road 49 Parkway scheduled for Friday(PDF, 395KB)

10-02-14_Weld Commissioner to propose funding plan for I-25 improvements(PDF, 69KB)

09-15-14_The 2015 budget process for Weld County begins Tuesday(PDF, 90KB)

09-15-14_Weld County helps Noble and RE-1 celebrate completion of CNG bus barn and fueling station(PDF, 118KB)

09-15-14_Commissioner Conway to guest speak at Colorado Financial Management event this month(PDF, 116KB)

09-12-14_Weld County transfers unused Private Activity Bonds to Larimer County(PDF, 73KB)

09-11-14_Spotlight Weld County episode shares employee stories from the 2013 flood(PDF, 90KB)

09-11-14_Weld County to begin overlay project on WCR 27 (83rd Ave)(PDF, 188KB)

09-05-14_Commissioners Honor the Wing Shack for contributions during 2013 Flood(PDF, 105KB)

09-05-14_Improvements completed at Highway 392 and Weld County Road 23 intersection(PDF, 133KB)

08-29-14_Eleven Weld County municipalities make list of top 30 safest cities in Colorado(PDF, 193KB)

08-28-14_Commissioners thank volunteers for time served on local boards(PDF, 73KB)

08-28-14_Weld County Senior Nutrition Volunteer Honored as a 7Everyday Hero(PDF, 73KB)

08-27-14_Weld County Natural Gas program sets the standard(PDF, 159KB)

08-26-14_Weld County's assessed value increases, now second in state(PDF, 99KB)

08-25-14_Commissioners approve changes to coordinated planning agreements(PDF, 73KB)

08-22-14_Commissioners seek applicants for local boards(PDF, 88KB)

08-20-14_Office closure notice(PDF, 69KB)

08-15-14_Missile Site campground closed for repairs(PDF, 71KB)

08-13-14_Spotlight Weld County features Budget Director Don Warden who discusses why the county's debt-free status is important to taxpayers(PDF, 91KB)

08-13-14_Small Business Incentive Program approves funds for first Weld County Business(PDF, 73KB)

08-08-14_Weld County wraps up flood voucher program(PDF, 71KB)

08-07-14_Arries honored for eight years of service with the County Attorney's Office(PDF, 208KB)

07-28-14_Weld County Employee Honored by Colorado Welfare Fraud Council as 2014 Investigator of the Year(PDF, 73KB)

07-25-14_Weld County Fair Kicks Off With More Than 1,000 Exhibitors(PDF, 121KB)

07-25-14_Commissioners Rademacher, Conway Featured on Latest 'Joy in Our Town' Episode(PDF, 91KB)

07-22-14_Weld County Commissioners Appoint Three to Local Boards(PDF, 72KB)

07-21-14_Weld County Wellness Program Recognized for Excellence by Cigna Health Network(PDF, 216KB)

07-16-14_Weld County Fair Royalty presents Fair Book to commissioners(PDF, 109KB)

07-16-14_Weld County wins national awards for Discover Weld and Facebook page(PDF, 75KB)

07-16-14_Discover Weld project expands to more social media outlets(PDF, 261KB)

07-16-14_Weld County Facebook page tops 12,500 "likes" in its first year(PDF, 372KB)

07-10-14_Spotlight Weld for July features county IT Director Ryan Rose(PDF, 89KB)

07-08-14_Weld County Commissioner seek applications for local boards(PDF, 91KB)

07-02-14_Commissioner Kirkmeyer and North I-25 Coalition members address corridor issues with legislators(PDF, 144KB)

06-19-14_Weld County offices will be closed July 3 & 4 for the Independence Day holiday(PDF, 69KB)

06-19-14_Commissioners Conway and Freeman discuss CCI Conference and CCU study on Spotlight Weld(PDF, 88KB)

06-18-14_Weld County employee honored for 37 years of service(PDF, 108KB)

06-18-14_Rademacher named Prairie Partner of the Year by National Grasslands Council(PDF, 134KB)

06-17-14_Weld County Budget Director Receives Distinguished Budget Presentation Award(PDF, 74KB)

06-16-14_Weld County Youth Conservation Corps Receives Grant to Continue Program for At-Risk Youth(PDF, 90KB)

06-12-14_Weld County marks completion of Spanish Colony road and drainage project(PDF, 115KB)

06-11-14_New County Government 101 page offers a review of basic county government topics(PDF, 98KB)

06-10-14_06-10-14_County website redesign includes legal notices section, provides more information to public(PDF, 158KB)

06-09-14_Website features new tools, new look and new links to connect people with county information(PDF, 156KB)

06-06-14_OEM_Tornadoes touch down in Weld County this afternoon; some damage but no injuries reported(PDF, 93KB)

06-04-14_Commissioners thank seven Colorado counties for their assistance during 2013 flood(PDF, 143KB)

05-31-14_OEM_Poudre Breaches Varra Gravel Pit east of Greeley, No Homes Threatened At This Time(PDF, 75KB)

05-22-14 Weld County Commissioners debut 'Spotlight Weld County' show on YouTube Channel(PDF, 115KB)

05-21-14 Veterans Services office reaches out to military community and makes a positive difference(PDF, 265KB)

05-21-14 Memorial Day proclamation read into record at this morning’s Board meeting(PDF, 140KB)

05-21-14_Office Closed on Memorial Day(PDF, 48KB)

05-15-14_New Public Infrastructure Map(PDF, 245KB)

05-13-14_Baker Draw PNG(PDF, 195KB)

05-12-14_Police Officers Week(PDF, 140KB)

05-07-14_Commissioner Freeman Honored By Aims(PDF, 132KB)

05-06-14_May Is Mental Health Month(PDF, 291KB)

04-25-14_Prairie School Visit(PDF, 312KB)

04-24-14_Vouchers Available(PDF, 137KB)

04-24-14_County Employees Rally Community(PDF, 347KB)

04-22-14_WCRCC Honors Employees(PDF, 180KB)

04-22-14_Weld County 4-H Clubs Accept Fundraising Challenge(PDF, 144KB)

04-16-14_Weld County and Anadarko Partner to Bring Water to Wattenberg(PDF, 172KB)

04-15-14_Reminder About County Well-Water Testing(PDF, 533KB)

04-14-14_Board Passes Resolution to Remove Library Board of Trustees(PDF, 536KB)

04-14-14_Commissioners Proclaim April 14-19 National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week(PDF, 565KB)

04-04-14_County Flag Now Flies Over Fort Vasquez(PDF, 321KB)

04-03-14_Senate Bill 14-093(PDF, 285KB)

04-02-14_Child Abuse Awareness Month(PDF, 135KB)

03-27-14_Weather Spotter Training(PDF, 142KB)

03-27-14_Intersection Improvements Resume(PDF, 199KB)

03-25-14_Business Thank You(PDF, 139KB)

03-24-14_Weld County Names Public Works Director(PDF, 149KB)

03-24-14_Accounting Award(PDF, 287KB)

03-19-14_Congressman Polis Pledges Support For North I-25 Coalition(PDF, 207KB)

03-19-14_Evans Thanks Weld County for Flood Assistance(PDF, 212KB)

03-13-14 United Way Honors County Employees(PDF, 176KB)

03-12-14_Human Services Red Carpet Event(PDF, 212KB)

03-11-14_Flood Recovery Continues(PDF, 144KB)

03-10-14_Weld County to Host NGV Meeting March 28(PDF, 284KB)

03-03-14_Joy In Our Town(PDF, 201KB)

02-20-14_I-25 Coalition Meets with Gardner Over Concerns with CDOT's I-25 Plans(PDF, 185KB)

02-11-14_Weld County, Evans Bring Attention to Potential Health Issues in Flood Damaged Mobile Home Parks(PDF, 805KB)

02-07-14_Farm Show iPad Winner(PDF, 46KB)

02-05-14_Open House Celebrates New Communications Center(PDF, 294KB)

02-04-14_Board Applications Being Accepted(PDF, 146KB)

02-03-14_Office Closed on Presidents' Day(PDF, 127KB)

01-30-14_Moncivais Appointed to Airport Board(PDF, 48KB)

01-27-14_Weld County Initiates Small Business Incentive Program(PDF, 53KB)

01-27-14_Support Weld 4H at the Farm Show(PDF, 48KB)

01-16-14_Broncos Spirit Day(PDF, 51KB)

01-14-14_Tax Payer Savings(PDF, 88KB)

01-10-14_Warden Named(PDF, 44KB)

01-09-14_Mika Resigns(PDF, 112KB)

2013 News Archive

12-18-13_NACo Discount Card(PDF, 68KB)

12-18-13_Commissioners Name 2014 Chair(PDF, 46KB)

12-13-13_Holiday Closure(PDF, 39KB)

12-11-13_Commissioners Honor Weld County Family Caregivers and Eldergarden Adult Day Care(PDF, 48KB)

12-3-13_Public Meeting on WCR49 Project(PDF, 201KB)

11-27-13_BOCC Thank You Video(PDF, 49KB)

11-19-13_Alzheimer's Awareness Month(PDF, 47KB)

11-19-13_Weld County Adoption Day(PDF, 47KB)

11-14-13_HolidayClosure(PDF, 39KB)

11-06-13_BOCC Statement(PDF, 46KB)

10-31-13_WCRCC Awarded Accreditation(PDF, 47KB)


10-28-13_WCR53 Open While Crews Complete Temporary Repairs(PDF, 129KB)

10-25-13_WCRs 13 and 61 Now Open; Only 10 County Roads Remain Closed(PDF, 190KB)

10-11-13_RoadProjectMap(PDF, 82KB)

10-11-13_Colorado Counties Speak Out(PDF, 48KB)

10-11-13_Discover Weld for October(PDF, 49KB)

10-02-13_FEMA Relocate(PDF, 46KB)

10-01-13_Satellite Imagery Shows Extent of Flood Damage in Weld County(PDF, 47KB)

09-27-13_Douglas County Public Works Crews Assist Weld County(PDF, 142KB)

09-25-13_Traffic Lights on Hwy 85(PDF, 46KB)

09-17-13_Weld Web Site for Flood Victims(PDF, 62KB)

09-16-13_Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing(PDF, 48KB)

09-13-13_Disaster Resolution(PDF, 87KB)

09-10-13_51st State Movement Offers Coloradans A Platform and A Voice(PDF, 87KB)

08-29-13_Weld County Transfers PABs to Larimer County(PDF, 67KB)

08-21-13_Weld County and Area Agencies Participate in Emergency Preparedness Training(PDF, 48KB)

08-20-13_Holiday Closure(PDF, 39KB)

08-19-13_Board Approves Ballot Referral Posing Question of a 51st State(PDF, 48KB)

08-14-13_Community Gathering Provides Opportunity To Review WCR49 Access Control Plan(PDF, 98KB)

08-07-13 Ahead of Schedule and Under Budget; Crime Lab Open House Scheduled(PDF, 101KB)

07-24-13_Planning Services Comprehensive Plan Meetings(PDF, 59KB)

07-23-13_Weld County Veterans Services Office to Relocate(PDF, 44KB)

07-22-13_Public Invited to Provide Comment on 51st State Initiative(PDF, 48KB)

07-10-13_CR 23 SH392 Construction(PDF, 79KB)

07-02-13_Discover Weld July Update(PDF, 93KB)

06-21-13_HolidayClosure(PDF, 39KB)

06-03-13_Discover Weld June Update(PDF, 66KB)

05-30-13 Surface Owner Rights Workshop(PDF, 53KB)

05-15-13_Holiday Closure(PDF, 39KB)

05-14-13_Four Times Around the World(PDF, 82KB)

05-08-13_County Proclaims Week of May 12, 2013, Weld County Police Officers Week(PDF, 72KB)

05-01-13_Weld County Launches "Discover Weld" Web Site(PDF, 129KB)

04-29-13_County Highlights Projects During Ad Valorem Check Presentation(PDF, 657KB)

04-22-13_Weld County Public Safety Communications Receives Upgrade(PDF, 47KB)

04-15-13_SE Office Hours(PDF, 40KB)

04-01-13_DHS Programs(PDF, 49KB)

04-01-13_April is Child Abuse Prevention Month(PDF, 48KB)

03-29-13_SW Office Hours(PDF, 40KB)

03-07-13_Thank You Letters Sent By Board to Local Businesses(PDF, 46KB)

03-01-13_Weld County Regional Communications Director Announced(PDF, 48KB)

02-27-13_Commissioners Recognize Margie Martinez for 34 Years of Service(PDF, 456KB)

02-20-13 Commissioners Recognize Platte Valley Students(PDF, 48KB)

02-11-13_Coroner's Office and Justice Services to Move to Centennial Center(PDF, 48KB)

02-06-13_Holiday Closure(PDF, 39KB)

02-06-13_Small Businesses Growing Are Weld County(PDF, 48KB)

01-30-13 Healthy Weld 2020 Grant Helps Platteville Achieve Goal of Community Fitness Room(PDF, 103KB)

01-30-13_Board Passes Resolution Supporting Sheriff, Second Amendment(PDF, 72KB)

01-28-13 Resolution_Second Amendment(PDF, 76KB)

01-23-13_31st CAFR Award(PDF, 107KB)

01-19-13_Video Tour Book Highlights Weld County(PDF, 210KB)

01-18-13_Advisory Board Openings(PDF, 46KB)

01-17-13_Board Passes Resolution Regarding Setbacks(PDF, 48KB)

01-17-13_Resolution(PDF, 213KB)

01-16-13_Gifts For Foster Children(PDF, 53KB)

01-15-13_SE Office Hours(PDF, 53KB)

01-02-13_Garcia Named Commissioner Chairman(PDF, 117KB)

2012 News Archive

12-12-12 Holiday Closure(PDF, 39KB)

12-12-12 Two More Public CNG Stations Open(PDF, 68KB)

12-12-12 Commissioners Receive Praise from Weld County Farm Bureau(PDF, 110KB)

12-03-12 County Considers Code Change Regarding Amendment 64(PDF, 44KB)

11-21-12 LNG Trucks Save County Dollars(PDF, 172KB)

11-15-12 Holiday Closure(PDF, 39KB)

11-14-12 Board Proclaims November 16 Weld County Adoption Day(PDF, 44KB)

10-31-12 Holiday Closure(PDF, 39KB)

10-19-12 Town and County Meeting(PDF, 44KB)

10-16-12 SE Office Hours(PDF, 53KB)

10-15-12 Extended Closure Planned for Weld County Improvements to Intersection(PDF, 48KB)

10-15-12 Second Weld CNG Station To Open Thursday(PDF, 96KB)

10-15-12 Public Work Sessions for 2013 Budget(PDF, 48KB)

10-12-12 Biden Visit Prompts Temporary Move of CSU Extension-Weld Office(PDF, 44KB)

10-08-12 County Reorganization Will Lead to Efficiencies(PDF, 62KB)

10-03-12_Northern Colorado Regional Crime Lab Groundbreaking(PDF, 147KB)

09-28-12_SW Complex Hours(PDF, 52KB)

09-19-12 Weld County Celebrates Northern Water's 75th Anniversary(PDF, 74KB)

09-17-12 Free Water Testing Available for County Residents(PDF, 93KB)

08-22-12 Commissioners Oppose Amendment 64(PDF, 80KB)

08-20-12_County Offices Closed for Labor Day(PDF, 53KB)

07-26-12_ WCR 49 Renaming(PDF, 79KB)

07-26-12_Commission Kirkmeyer Named To Leadership Council(PDF, 46KB)

07-19-12_Commissioners Name New Department Heads(PDF, 57KB)

07-17-12_Roche Constructors To Build Crime Lab(PDF, 47KB)

07-16-12_SE Office Hours(PDF, 53KB)

07-12-12_Letter To Governor Regarding Public Trustee(PDF, 124KB)

07-12-12_Weld Mourns Loss of One of Their Own(PDF, 73KB)

07-03-12_Commissioners Request Assistance From Senior Surface Right Owners(PDF, 47KB)

06-29-12_SW Office Hours(PDF, 52KB)

06-26-12_County Road 53 Paving Complete(PDF, 48KB)

06-25-12 Weld County's First Public CNG Station to Open(PDF, 50KB)

06-21-12 BOCC Letter to AG Suthers(PDF, 351KB)

06-21-12 Holiday Closure(PDF, 53KB)

06-20-12 Commissioners Proclaim Weld County Police Officers Week(PDF, 86KB)

06-19-12_Pumping Denied(PDF, 119KB)

06-12-12_BOCC Letter to Governor(PDF, 84KB)

06-12-12 Commissioners Request Meeting with Governor(PDF, 45KB)

06-11-12_Resolution to Declare Disaster Emergency(PDF, 2MB)

06-11-12_Commissioners Declare Disaster Emergency(PDF, 49KB)

05-31-12_Advisory Board Position Openings(PDF, 51KB)

05-31-12_Weld County Smart Energy Program Catches the Eye of Representatives Gardner (CO) and Lummis (WY)(PDF, 138KB)

05-21-12_Weld Commissioners Move Forward on Regional Crime Lab(PDF, 76KB)

05-15-12 Memorial Day Holiday Closure(PDF, 53KB)

05-07-12_Advisory Board Position Openings(PDF, 50KB)

05-01-12_Anadarko Check Presentation(PDF, 131KB)

04-26-12 SE Office Hours(PDF, 53KB)

04-20-12_Weld County Welcomes PTI Group USA to Johnstown(PDF, 86KB)

04-20-12_Commissioners Proclaim National Crime Victims' Rights Week(PDF, 82KB)

04-17-12_County To Transfer Assets of WCPS(PDF, 52KB)

04-13-12_Centennial Highway Check Presentation(PDF, 70KB)

04-12-12_CWAC Funding(PDF, 43KB)

04-05-12_NACo to Mail Discount Prescription Cards(PDF, 101KB)

04-03-12_SW Office Hours(PDF, 52KB)

03-12-12_ProclamationCrawfordRouse(PDF, 78KB)

03-09-12_Centennial Highway Logo Winner(PDF, 72KB)

03-07-12_Weld County Employees Honored by United Way(PDF, 42KB)

03-02-12_Commissioners Thank Business Community(PDF, 40KB)

02-29-12_Weld County Employee Honored at Board Meeting(PDF, 104KB)

02-28-12_Commissioners Support Windsor Grant Application(PDF, 40KB)

02-22-12_Commissioners Recognize Frederick Police Chief(PDF, 51KB)

02-16-12_Commissioner Garcia to Speak at Dearfield Dream Conference(PDF, 54KB)

02-16-12_Commissioners Host Rep. Gardner for Town Meeting on Farm Bill(PDF, 40KB)

02-10-12_Weld County Transportation(PDF, 41KB)

02-09-12_Weld Commissioners Host Governor(PDF, 188KB)

02-06-12_Commissioners Approve Mail Ballot for Primary Election(PDF, 41KB)

02-06-12_Centennial Highway Logo Contest Featured on GTV8, YouTube(PDF, 68KB)

02-03-12_Public Works Update (Snow Desk)(PDF, 220KB)

02-03-12_Weld County Offices Closed Today(PDF, 39KB)

01-26-12 Discount Prescription Drug Card(PDF, 64KB)

01-26-12 Romansik Retirement(PDF, 45KB)

01-09-12 Commissioners Recognized at Board Meeting(PDF, 73KB)