Time Restriction on RV Use Back in Place

Published on February 17, 2021

Time restriction on RV use back in place

Under a resolution passed by the Weld County Board of Commissioners this week, residents may no longer stay in Recreational Vehicles (RVs) when self-quarantining due to COVID-19.

“The board feels the use of RVs needs to go back to the seven-day restriction for camping,” said Weld County Chair Steve Moreno. “As there are many potential problems with staying in an RV long-term, such as access to portable drinking water and waste disposal. It’s in the code as a seven-day restriction to maintain the health and safety of our residents.”

Two previous resolutions, passed in 2020, allowed residents to occupy an RV on their property if they needed to use it as COVID-19 quarantine quarters.

The board originally approved suspending the RV use restriction this past April, and again in December, which eliminated the requirement in Chapter 23, Zoning, of the Weld County Code that only enables the use of an RV as a means of shelter while camping for no more than a seven-day period. Originally, the commissioners set the resolutions to last until the declaration of disaster emergency signed last March was officially declared over.

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