2021 Spring Snowstorm Video

Published on March 19, 2021


A message from the Weld County Public Works Director,

Last weekend, Weld County experienced one of the largest snowstorms in recent memory. It was certainly an experience. The Department of Public Works, with our plow trucks and motor graders, is the face of county government during any storm. My team started Friday evening and worked around the clock in 12-hour shifts until Tuesday evening. But the employees in my department were not the only county employees who worked during this event. It was a team effort by several department and offices of Weld County Government. The Department of Fleet Services worked every hour that we did. They kept my vehicles and equipment running by making quick repairs under very difficult circumstances. There were several medical emergencies and law enforcement calls for service during the storm, and often, my employees plowed the ambulances and the deputies of our Sheriff’s Office in to where they needed to get to. Our Office of Emergency Management continuously provided updates on the storm here in Weld County and around our region. Our Public Information Office kept providing information to the public through social media. The employees in our dispatch center not only made it in to work but they continued to do their jobs in spite of a power outage. Our Facilities Department employees cleared parking lots and sidewalks for our employee as they returned Tuesday morning. Yes, it was a total Weld County Government effort, and I am immensely proud of my Public Works team and the other departments and offices who worked hard and did the best they could to serve our citizens.

Also, our oil and gas industry opened some roads that we could not get to. Yes they were opening roads to their facilities, but without their assistance, some roads would not have been opened. We appreciate their efforts.

Finally, many farmers and rural folks fired up their tractors and not only dug themselves out, but they dug out their neighbors, too. Isn’t that the Weld County Way? Neighbors helping neighbors. It’s just what we do. It’s what we should do. It’s what makes Weld County the best place to live in Colorado. And I’m proud to be a citizen of this great county. Jay McDonald, Director, Weld County Public Works.

(Photos in the video were graciously sent in by Weld County residents who took pictures during and after the storm. Thanks to you all!)