Leaders of Weld County's Workforce Earn Honors

Published on December 04, 2020

Leaders of Weld County's workforce earn honors

Perseverance and dedication are among the traits that have earned two Workforce Development Board members and one Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) participant recognition at state and national levels.

“Employment Services’ goal is to help our residents navigate the job market, and strong community partnerships are critical in that effort,” said Tami Grant, Weld County Department of Human Services Deputy Director. “Having those partnerships recognized is important and the honors are well-deserved.”

For her consistent commitment to strengthening employment opportunities by working with Employment Services of Weld County (ESWC) and other entities throughout Northern Colorado, Sylvia Robinson has been named a Workforce Ambassador by the Rocky Mountain Workforce Development Association, a nonprofit agency partnering with state and local workforce areas.

During her time on both the Weld County and Larimer County Workforce Development Boards, Robinson has been commended for her willingness to create consistent dialogue between community entities and private industry, resulting in relationships that helped facilitate the creation of NoCoinspire.org, and helped garner support from Weld and Larimer County entities critical in the submission of a manufacturing partnership grant.

The effort of Lisa Taylor to quickly disseminate COVID-19 information to Weld County’s immigrant and refugee population during the pandemic has earned her recognition for excellence in customer service by the Rocky Mountain Workforce Development Association. As Executive Director of Immigrant and Refugee Center of Northern Colorado, Taylor has translated Weld County’s COVID-19 information into numerous languages and provided feedback and insight into the creation of a website which features COVID-19 videos and provides informational links in more than 1,500 languages. She also serves on Weld County’s Workforce Development Board as well as the Colorado Workforce Development Council.

“Our Workforce Development Board is continually honored for the work it does, and it gives me great pride that two of our members are receiving statewide recognitions,” said Scott James, Weld County Commissioner and Workforce Development Board member.

ESWC has also gained national attention. Abigail Gauna, WIOA youth participant, accessed ESWC to receive career coaching and employment training. She obtained two certificates that helped launch a pathway into a dental career. Gauna has been selected by the U.S. Department of Labor to be part of a nationwide panel Wednesday, December 9, to discuss the positive impact of WIOA and what resources were most useful.
More information on ESWC can be found at www.eswc.org.