Kirkmeyer Era Comes to a Close

Published on December 23, 2020

Kirkmeyer era comes to a close

After 20 years of faithful service to the residents of Weld County, Barbara Kirkmeyer will complete her fifth term as a Weld County Commissioner. First elected in 1992, Kirkmeyer served from 1993-2000 and then again from 2009-2020; representing district three on both occasions.

“Commissioner Kirkmeyer has been a strong voice for all Weld County residents for two decades,” said Director of Finance Don Warden. “She has continually fought for agriculture, industry, private property rights, and transportation improvements all while keeping a long-range vision of the county in mind to ensure its prosperity as well as preserve its history.

She has also passionately championed child welfare rights – ensuring that Weld County children and families have the support they need from local, state and federal programs.”

Kirkmeyer, who has served as the longest-seated commissioner ever in the county, will begin her next job as a State Senator representing Colorado Senate District 23 in January.

“The tremendous work Barb has accomplished while serving as commissioner is impressive and has impacted not only every county department but also every county resident,” said Commissioner Chair Mike Freeman. “We know she will continue to work hard for Colorado residents at the state level.”


Public Safety Communications
Instrumental in the build out of a countywide digital trunked radio system

Spearheaded the upgrade of the public safety communications network, which included a fully functioning, redundant back-up dispatch center; adding additional towers to the system; expanding the primary dispatch center; upgrades to the software system and development of a user’s agreement

Front Range Communications Consortium - Intergovernmental group consisting of ADCOM, Broomfield, Thornton, NCRCN and Weld County to further enhance the public safety communications system for all of northern Colorado.

Championed HB 16-1155 formation of the “county highway”

Brought forward the idea to create the county transportation plan with the functional classification system

Fought for billions of dollars of improvements to the state transportation system within Weld County including six lanes on I-25 from State Highway 7 to State Highway 66; Numerous safety projects on Highway 85 and Hwy 52 corridors; major interchange improvements at Highway 52 and interstate 76; interchange at County Road 44 and Highway 85 and the express lane on North I 25

Access management plan and PEL for Highway 85 and State Highway 52

The partnership between Union Pacific Railroad, CDOT And Weld County To ensure a perpetual right of way for Highway 85 and to make numerous safety improvements in the HWY 85 corridor

Weld County Smart Energy Project- Promoting Natural Gas by building the Compressed Natural Gas infrastructure throughout Weld County and working to convert the county's fleet. Assisted school districts, fire districts and municipalities in converting their fleets. The county currently has 5 Natural Gas pumping stations and has utilized over $19 M in Federal transportation dollars.

Human Services
Instrumental in the legislation that reformed welfare services in the state of Colorado

Instrumental in the legislation creating the Colorado works allocation committee and the child welfare allocation committee

Chaired the committee that created the roadmap for the implementation of the Families First Preservation Services Act

Spearheaded numerous pieces of human services legislation to improve the state system for the betterment of children and families in weld county and Colorado

Initiated legislation for the implementation of the Workforce Investment Act and the Workforce Opportunity and Innovation Act


2020 Everett Hogelin Memorial Award Recipient

2019 CCI Commissioner of the Year

2006 President’s Award – Emergency Manager’s Association

2000 Distinguished Service Award, CCI

1997 Commissioner of the Year, CCI

1993 Freshman Commissioner of the Year, CCI