Weld Passes 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Resolution

Published on March 06, 2019

Weld Passes 2nd Amendment Sanctuary County Reso

Today, the Weld County Board of Commissioners joined a growing number of Colorado counties declaring themselves a “Second Amendment Sanctuary County.” The resolution comes in response to HB 19-1177, or the Red Flag Bill, which allows family members, household members or law enforcement to petition a judge to remove firearms from an individual they deem dangerous to themselves or others.

“The issue isn’t an issue of safety as much as it is an issue of protecting the constitutional rights of citizens,” said Commissioner Chair Barbara Kirkmeyer.

Per the resolution, the Weld County Commissioners affirmed their “support for the Weld County Sheriff in the exercise of his sound discretion to not enforce against any citizen an unconstitutional firearms law”.

“When we are elected into office, we take an oath in front a judge to support the Constitution of the United States,” said Commissioner Pro Tem Mike Freeman. “And that’s exactly what this resolution says we will do.”

“Case after case has affirmed the second amendment of the constitution,” said Commissioner Scott James. “Taking constitutional rights away from citizens under the guise that it is for the ‘greater good’ is a very dangerous path to walk down, and one we do not support.”

Similar to the other Colorado county resolutions, the Weld County resolution states the Board of Commissioners “will not appropriate government funds for capital construction of building space and purchase of storage systems to store weapons seized pursuant to the authority and requirements set forth in H.B. 19-1177, if such bill is enacted by the Colorado General Assembly, and /or for the purpose of enforcing any other law that unconstitutionally infringes up on the right of the People of Weld County to keep and bear arms.”

“The principal of due process is at the very core of this issue,” said Commissioner Sean Conway. “What this bill does is create a system where a person must defend/prove their innocence against an action that hasn’t even been taken.”

“This bill is nothing more than a feel-good measure that will not stop the actions it is aiming to prevent,” said Commissioner Steve Moreno. “There are other solutions that must be seriously considered when talking about mental health issues in this country. This bill is not it.”

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