Snow and Ice Control

snowplows hard at work The principal objective of the Weld County Snow and Ice Control Program is to provide for the safe and efficient flow of traffic within the County during periods of inclement winter weather. Flexibility remains the cornerstone of the plan. Within the Public Works Department, a snow desk has been implemented with the primary function of coordinating, maintaining and organizing snow removal efforts during adverse weather events. During a sever weather event you can call 970-400-3712 to speak with someone. 

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When will a plow be at my location?

Every storm is unique and our response to each storm is suited to achieve the maximum benefit with the resources available to us.  We dispatch our snow plows to the most severely impacted areas first, making it a priority to serve all areas of the County as soon as possible.

Can a snow plow clear my driveway?

It is not possible for the plow trucks to clear every driveway on their route as they would not be able to clear snow from the roadways within the time allowed during their shift. Unfortunately, snowplows will leave a windrow in front of a drive, it is not possible for our plows to stop, or angle the blade, to keep this from happening.

What is a safe distance to follow a snow plow?

The plow trucks have a hydraulic spreader on the rear of the vehicle that spreads solid material several feet behind and to the sides of the truck. The signs are to warn motorists to stay back 250 feet to avoid being hit with this material being applied by the snow plow truck.

Can I request a snow plow?

Plow trucks are not available for requests. However, we do respond if emergency services (law, fire, paramedics, or dispatch) contacts us to help respond to specific addresses.