Operation and Maintenance

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The Weld County Operation and Maintenance Divisions within Public Works manage the county road system by providing maintenance of the transportation system. We strive to provide a safe and economical transportation infrastructure to the travelling public within the County. We make sure unincorporated Weld County’s road system is ready for you, your family, and friends.

Together, the six operation and maintenance divisions manage over 2900 miles of paved and gravel roads within the County. That’s like driving from the West Coast to the East Coast. In addition they also maintain:

     Several hundred bridges and cattle guards

     Thousands of signs and culverts

    Thousands of miles of borrow ditches and striping


The Operation and Maintenance Divisions are responsible for routine, planned, and emergency maintenance of the public Right-of-Way (ROW) infrastructure. Services include:

     Aggregate production 

    Borrow ditch cleaning

    Bridge replacement and maintenance

    Chip sealing

    Culvert installation and maintenance 

    Hauling road materials

    Paving operations

    Road grading and dust suppression 

    Roadside vegetation maintenance

    Signing and road striping

    Snow removal

    Tree trimming

    and numerous other maintenance tasks      

Green Goals

Weld County Operation and Maintenance endeavors to effectively use our resources. This includes recycling our asphalt milling material to shoulder paved roadside projects; place millings on identified dust suppression roads to reduce maintenance activities. Operation and Maintenance have utilized compressed natural gas (CNG) for maintenance vehicles from 1/2 ton pick-ups to tandem axel plow trucks.

Weld County Code

The Weld County Code directs the requirements for Borrow Ditches, Cattle GuardsCulverts, Fugitive Dust on gravel roads, and Trees in the right of way

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