Additional OGED Resources

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The intent behind this page is to provide additional links and resources to applicants as well as the public. Listed below are various links containing information related to the Weld County Code, the OGED's E-Permitting site, the property portal, Office of Emergency Management and more.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact the OGED at (970) 400-3580

Weld County E-permitting Site

Quick link to the case search:

Please click on the link above and select "Search Applications" under the Oil and Gas Tab.

Input the record number.

Please Click the blue arrow next to the "Record Info" button at the top.

Select Attachments and you will find all the information including the referral form to submit back to us.

Weld County Property Portal

Weld County Property Portal

Property Data Search Customers can use our property data search to discover property information using a tabular interface. This allows users to search by name, address, account number, or other property attributes.  Once a property is identified, users will find links to view tabular reports,  research other property characteristics, and to zoom to the property on a map.

Weld County Planning Department

Office of Emergency Management

State of Colorado Reference Materials

Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) GIS Online



Customers can also use the GIS map provided by the COGCC. This map provides users a detailed look at oil and gas activities in the state of Colorado as well as in Weld County. Use this map to locate oil and gas fields, well locations, see state permitting information for each drilling location and more.





Colorado Parks and Wildlife District Managers Map(PDF, 440KB)

CPW District Managers Map logo.JPG(PDF, 440KB)

CPW District Managers map with contact information. Operators should utilize this map to determine  District for 1041WOGLA Notice. For any questions contact the Area 4 - Fort Collins Office - (970) 472-4300.