Frequently Asked Questions - Work Release only

What is going to happen at my intake?

Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m., Work Release staff conducts new client intakes. During each intake, clients complete and sign their initial paperwork, attend an orientation where all rules are explained to them, given a tour of the facility and assigned a bunk and storage lockers. Three (3) padlocks are issued to each new client. Every new client is administered a baseline breath and urine sample.

When do I start my sentence?

The sentencing court sets the start date and denotes on the Intake Form or sentencing Mittimus. On this date, the client’s sentence commences (starts). Work Release staff cannot grant an extension of the intake date. If in custody, staff will pick up the client and transport them over to the facility (excluding out of county clients). Otherwise, all new clients must report on the date and time (9:00 a.m.) indicated by the Court.

Should I bring anything with me?

Yes, below is a recommended list of items to bring.  After the orientation is complete, clients are given two (2) hours to go to their residence and/or to a local store to get items needed. 

  • Do NOT bring suitcases; bring items only in collapsible bags.
  • Bring 7-10 (days) worth of clothes, all clothing will be ran through a high-heat commercial dryer. There are on-site coin-operated washers and dryers, and bring a reasonable amount of laundry detergent.
  • Bring basic hygiene items (e.g. soap, toothbrush, tooth paste).
  • Bring proof of identification (e.g. driver’s license, passport, Colorado Identification, social security card, and/or birth certificate).
  • If disabled, bring proof of disability and proof of any benefits received (e.g. SSI or SSDI).
  • If wanting driving privileges, clients must show proof of vehicle registration and insurance as well as proof of compliance with any restrictions at the time of their intake (i.e. Interlock).
  • Clients are to bring their last paystub from work.

What does Work Release provide?

Work Release provides all client bedding, no personal bedding is allowed. Bedding is exchanged on a weekly basis and at no cost to clients.

When can I go to work?

Clients will not go to work on their first day of placement.  During the intake process, clients are required to provide proof of employment, their last paystub or last two (2) years of taxes if self-employed. Clients must provide all of their employment information, name, address, phone number, name of supervisor and work schedule. Work Release staff will then contact the employer for verification purposes. If approved, clients are permitted to go to work the next day.

How long and how far away can I be from the facility?

The maximum time spent away from the facility per day is fourteen (14) hours with a minimum of eight (8) consecutive hours in the facility.  Travel time may not exceed an hour and half (1.5 hours) and/or a distance greater than sixty (60) miles away from the facility. Staff must approve all time away from the facility. If a client does not return to the facility or is deemed out of place of assignment, they will be issued an Infraction Report and/or a warrant will be issued for their arrest.  Many clients are placed on an electronic monitoring device (at no cost the client) to ensure their whereabouts in the community.

What if I'm not employed?

Clients are given a reasonable amount of time outside of the facility to seek employment opportunities until gainfully employed.  However, if a client does not make real efforts to obtain gainful employment, their sentence may be transferred to the jail.

What activities can I do outside the facility besides work or work seek?

Clients are allowed out of the facility for court ordered activities, for medical appointments, scheduled attendance to treatment sessions and/or to meet with their Probation Officer. Clients are also given two (2) hours weekly for business purposes (e.g. go to a store, to a bank, get a haircut, etc.). Clients may earn additional time outside of the facility for leisure purposes up to ten (10) hours per week based on positive program compliance.

Can I have visitors while in the program?

There is no visitation in the Work Release Facility. Additionally, “drop offs” or “pick-ups” are NOT permitted. Leisure pass time can be earned for visits outside of the facility.

Can I have a cell phone in the facility?

Clients are assigned three (3) lockers, one (1) in the front lobby and two (2) in the housing unit. Cell phones are not allowed in the housing unit but can be stored in the front lobby locker and used outside the facility. There are pay phones in the housing units.

Are meals provided in the Work Release program?

No, clients are responsible to provide their own meals. Daily meals can however be purchased through the program ($5.00 per day) or from vending machines. Additionally, clients can bring food into the facility; microwaves are available for heating food, but no onsite refrigeration. There are many vending machines throughout the facility and many provide nutritious, larger portion entre meals.

What food is allowed in the facility?

Individually packaged, non-perishable food items may be brought in and stored in the client’s assigned front lobby locker. Examples include “cup-a-soup, breakfast bars,” etc. Non-perishable means food that does not require refrigeration and will not mold or rot.

Does the program cost anything?

Yes, a daily fee of $15 is assessed to each Weld County client and a $27 daily fee, if the client is serving an out of county case. Clients are required to make weekly payments in the form of a money order.  Out of county cases must pay their first month in advance.

Do I get any time off my sentence?

Yes, clients are afforded the opportunity to reduce the term of their sentences, as provided by Colorado Law. This is explained at the client’s initial orientation.

Does Work Release pay for my medical care?

No, clients are responsible for their own medical and dental care and living expenses while at the Work Release Facility.

Does Work Release provide any community transportation?

No, clients are responsible for providing reliable transportation to their destinations; detours and unauthorized locations are prohibited.  If approved to operate a motor vehicle, clients must park their vehicle on the premises of the Work Release Facility. If using a bicycle, the client must register their bicycle with staff and lock it to the front bike rack. There is also a bus stop located in front of the building (Greeley-Evans Transit “GET”).