Organizational Integrity

The Organizational Integrity Division supports operational effectiveness for the Department of Human Services divisions and staff.   This goal is accomplished through facilitating technology needs; conducting investigations of suspected public assistance misuse; leading client appeals and administering local level hearings; managing incoming and outgoing mail; partnering with IdentoGO for DHS and public fingerprinting needs; issuing public assistance benefits and collecting client payments; and coordinating the safety effort through security guard administration and participation in the Safety Roundtables.

Civil Rights and Discrimination Complaints

Please direct any civil rights complaints or discrimination complaints to (970) 400-6680 or Telecom Relay Service 7-1-1.

IdentoGO - Fingerprinting Services

IdentoGO Weld County Department of Human Services partnered with IdentoGO®, on behalf of the State of Colorado, to provide fingerprinting services for employment and background checks through the new Colorado Applicant Background Service (CABS) program.

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Integrity and Appeals

The hearings and appeals unit is responsible for assisting human services clients with any disputes regarding program eligibility. This can include informal conferences and hearings about Public Assistance benefits, such as Food, Financial and Medical programs. They can answer appeal questions but do not offer legal advice.

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The Investigations Team is responsible for investigating allegations regarding potential fraud and abuse in the public assistance programs. They conduct an in-depth review of the case history to determine if the client has reported correctly in determining their eligibility. Analyze all information and compare it to eligibility rules, statutes, and any other policies. Once a determination has been made, investigations will provide a recommendation for the appropriate manner of resolution.

The Investigations Team also supports the Child Welfare Division and the Specialized Wraparound Team (SWT) through diligent searches in locating family members to assist and find appropriate placement for children/youth within their family of origin and assists at-risk adults to locate family resources.

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