Child Support Services FAQ

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How do I get DNA/Paternity testing done? Can I contest the birth certificate?

We only provide paternity testing for cases where paternity is not already established where we are establishing an order for support, or where the court orders us to do it. If you only desire paternity testing and not to begin an enforcement case, you can contact the Paternity Hotline at (303) 830-3572. If the father is already on the birth certificate and wishes to contest paternity, he would need to pursue this with the courts.

When does my child emancipate? When will my child support stop?

Emancipation on current Colorado orders generally occurs at age 19, but can extend beyond that with proof of the child’s active enrollment to earn a High School Diploma or equivalent. Other emancipation questions would be addressed by the courts. The Colorado Courts website is at and has a self help area. When a child emancipates, we no longer collect current support, though we do continue to collect arrears, or support due from the past. Other states’ emancipation ages vary, and can be found at the Federal Child Support web sites’ Intergovernmental Referral Guide (just click the state you’re interested in, and it will bring up their various child support policies. If the page opens to a sign-in first, then just click the words "public user" above the user name box).

How can I enforce or change custody or visitation?

scales of justice Though we understand this is an important issue for you, the Child Support Services Agency has no authority over custody and visitation. You might want to consult a private attorney or seek assistance through the self help desk at the court or through the Colorado Judicial Department website at

What are my legal obligations regarding child support?

law book and gavel This is determined solely by your court order. If it says you are to pay support, then it is first your responsibility to do so. When your employer withholds and sends your support for you due to a wage withholding order, it does not take the responsibility away from you that the full monthly support of the order is paid. We search various databases for job information, but rely first on you to tell us where you are working to help support your children. 

How do I obtain a certified copy of a court order? 

An order can be obtained by contacting the clerk of the court that issued the order.