COVID-19 Dashboard: Unvaccinated Case Rate 5X Higher than Vaccinated

Published on October 04, 2021

Breakthrough Cases Page on COVID Data Dashboard

Weld County, Colorado — The Weld County Health Department has added several new features to its COVID-19 dashboards. A new “breakthrough case” tab on the Data Dashboard shows a comparison of fully vaccinated versus unvaccinated cases in the ages 12(+) category for Weld County residents. Data released October 1 shows that of the over 157,000 fully vaccinated residents, 1,434 residents have developed COVID-19 since January 1, 2021. This represents 0.9% of fully vaccinated people in Weld County. Although there has been over 1,400 breakthrough cases — meaning people who were fully vaccinated but still got COVID-19 — only 87 breakthrough cases were hospitalized (0.06% of the fully vaccinated population).

As of September 17, 2021, the rate of unvaccinated people getting COVID-19 in Weld County is nearly five times higher compared to the fully vaccinated population. Weld County health officials continue to encourage residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine. “We have plenty of vaccine available,” said Mark Lawley, Executive Director of the Weld County Health Department. “The quickest way to end this pandemic is for more people to get vaccinated.”

The Health Department also has added a new Zip Code Map to its Vaccine Dashboard. The map shows vaccination rates by zip codes. The map also shows vaccination rates along with rates by age group and race/ethnicity. The countywide rate of residents age 12(+) with 1(+) doses of a COVID-19 vaccine is 64.2%, or over 173,000 residents, as of October 1.

The new breakthrough case data and all vaccination data will be updated weekly on Fridays. For more information on COVID-19 vaccination information, including where you can find a vaccine clinic near you, go to the "COVID-19 Vaccines" webpage.