Women's Wellness Connection Offers Free Mammograms

Published on September 16, 2019

Doctor looks at mammogram image on computer screen

Weld County — Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in Colorado among females, killing more than 600 women annually. But when breast cancer is detected early, 98% of those diagnosed had a five-year survival. Likewise, when cervical cancer is diagnosed early, 92% of women had a five-year survival.

"Breast cancer screenings are critical for women over 50," said Michelle Delgado, coordinator of the Women’s Wellness Connection Program at the Weld County Health Department. "Women's Wellness Connection has made pap tests and mammograms accessible and free for all eligible women. Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October is the perfect time to get screened. Contact your doctor or Health Department today and schedule your screenings. They could save your life."

Women’s Wellness Connection urges women ages 40 years and older to talk with their health care providers during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month about screening for breast cancer. Women who can’t afford mammograms may be eligible for free screening. The Women’s Wellness Connection offers free breast and cervical cancer screening to low-income women ages 40-64 years through 34 community providers statewide. The Weld County Health Department screens eligible women in Weld County. The Weld County Health Department will be at Project Connect on Oct. 18 at Island Grove Regional Park from noon - 5:00 p.m. providing vouchers for free mammograms to qualifying clients.

“Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a good time to remind the women in our lives to get screened,” said Mark E. Wallace, MD, MPH, Executive Director of the Weld County Health Department. “We are proud to work with the Women’s Wellness Connection to offer free mammograms and pap tests to women who need them but can’t afford them.”

For more information or to see if you qualify, call the Weld County Health Department at (970) 400-2400. For more information on National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, click on “Health Hot Topics" on the Health Department's main webpage.