Communities That Care

CTC is a community-driven process that prevents youth substance use, delinquency, and violence by selecting and implementing effective programs and policies aimed at reducing prevalent risk factors and strengthening protective factors.

Benefits of CTC include:

  • healthier communities that help children grow up with more hope, opportunity, and better outcomes
  • helping communities work together to promote the positive development of youth and prevent adolescent misbehavior through strategic consultation, training, and research-based tools
  • helping young people flourish through an ongoing process


5 Phases of CTC

5 Phases of Community That Care Circle Graphic Phase 1:
Get started:
 Communities get ready to introduce CTC.

Phase 2:
Get organized:
 Communities form a board or work within an existing coalition.

Phase 3:
Develop a community profile: 
Assess community risks, strengths, and existing resources.

Phase 4:
Create a community action plan: 
The community board creates a plan for prevention work in their community.

Phase 5:
Implement and evaluate:
 Communities will do a project that best suits their needs and evaluate it over time.

Speak Now Colorado

Man and boy talking There is no perfect way to talk with your children about alcohol, marijuana, prescription medications, and other drugs. But being honest and involved has a big influence on your children, even if it seems like they’re not listening.

To get started, it’s important to think about your own views on children and the use of alcohol, marijuana, prescription medications, and other drugs. Speak Now Colorado has information about the risks of underage use of alcohol, marijuana, prescription medications, and other drugs. It will prepare you to sort out the facts with your kids and help them make decisions to lead a healthy life.

Speak Now Colorado hopes you will talk with your children early and often about alcohol, marijuana, prescription medications, and other drugs. Speak Now Colorado will spark ideas for the best times and places to talk. It also will help you choose language your children will understand, based on their age.

Every family is different and has their own way of communicating. The Speak Now Colorado website does not give the exact words you should use to talk with your children, but it is a great starting point.