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Health Determinants Report and Assessment

Health Determinants and Assessment Report Health starts where we live, learn, work, and play. And we know that the condition in which we live and/or work can have an impact on our health. This report, A Look at Health and Its Determinants Across Weld County, a Community Health Assessment Report(PDF, 7MB) , provides an update on our population’s health overall and looks at the relationship between health and some of the determinants of health that influence residents’ health.

Health determinants are factors, upstream from personal health behaviors and genetics, that influence individual health status. Factors like income, housing, education, employment, sense of belonging (i.e. being connected to family, friends, and community), and our early years often are linked with difference in health outcomes and lifespan. Opportunities for better health increase when differences in these social factors are addressed.

A Look at Health and Its Determinants Across Weld County, A Community Health Assessment Report(PDF, 7MB)

Weld County Board of Public Health Presentation, October 2021(PDF, 2MB)


2020 Community Health Survey: COVID-19 Impacts

2020 Supplemental COVID Survey Cover Page Between July and September 2020, the Health Department conducted a follow-up survey (in English(PDF, 1MB) and Spanish(PDF, 1MB)) of households that previously participated in the 2019 Weld Community Health Survey. The purpose of this survey was to understand the impacts of COVID-19 and capture important changes in resident’s health and health determinants resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Of the 1,986 households invited to participate in the follow-up survey, 1,063 usable responses were received so direct comparisons could be made. The 2020 sample was weighted to be representative of the adult population in Weld County. After analyzing the responses, we created a key findings presentation(PDF, 918KB) to summarize what we learned.

2020 Community Health Survey: COVID-19 Impacts, English(PDF, 1MB)

2020 Community Health Survey: COVID-19 Impacts, Spanish(PDF, 1MB)

Thriving Weld Key Findings Presentation, March 2021(PDF, 918KB)