COVID-19 Zip Code Map

The COVID-19 Zip Code Map shows information on COVID-19 cases and testing by zip code. Case data are updated daily by 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding most holidays). Testing data are updated by 4:00 p.m. Tuesdays and Fridays. NOTE: The number of positive tests may not equal the number of cases. Although one person may be tested more than once, they are only counted once as a case. Cases or tests missing addresses or with incorrect addresses are excluded. Cases and tests reported by University of Northern Colorado will not match case or test counts in zip code 80639. Zip code 80623 is a general delivery post office box for residents living in and around that area.

How to use the map:

  • Use the zip code list, which also displays cumulative case rates, to show the number of cases and tests in each zip code that have been reported to date. Simply click on a zip code in the list, to view the cases and tests numbers in the labeled boxes above the map. You may select multiple zip codes to obtain total case or test counts for multiple zip codes.
  • Use the date filter, located at the top left of the screen, to display the number of cases and tests in each zip code by several predefined or custom date ranges.
  • To explore the data using the map, use the select tool in the upper left corner of the map. Once the tool is activated, simply click on an area in the map to view the zip code name and case rate in the zip code list or view the number of cases and tests for that zip code in the labeled boxes above the map.
  • The shaded map shows the rates of cases per 1,000 people in each zip code over the past two weeks. Each shading category represents a range of case rates so that nearly equal amounts of Weld County zip codes fall in one of six ranges. As time progresses and more cases are identified, the category range values will change.
  • Use the health area tab to view case rates by one of four health assessment regions.


Zip Code Map