Recording FAQs

Q and A  

Q: How can purchase copies of recorded documents?

A: Copies of recorded documents can be purchased through our Recorded Document Search or in our office. 

Q: Can I look up documents online?

A: An online search of our records may be conducted through our Recorded Document Search.  Viewing the document index may be done for free. Viewing the image and printing the document may be done by paying a monthly fee or per document.

Q: How can I request a certified copy of a Military Discharge?

A: All requests for copies of form DD 214 must now be accompanied by a request form and a picture I.D.  A Request form may be obtained from the Greeley office or by clicking here(PDF, 284KB).  Copies will only be distributed to the veteran listed, or to his or her next of kin. Lawyers, doctors, historians, etc., may request copies of a DD 214 with signed authorization from the veteran or next of kin.  There is no charge for copies of a DD 214.

Q: How can I request a certified copy of a Marriage License or Civil Union?

A: To obtain a certified copy of a marriage license or civil union, submit the request form located here(PDF, 263KB) to our office.  If you are unable to print the form, submit a written request with the names of both parties, the date of ceremony, the address to which the copy should be mailed, a photo copy of your ID and a check or money order payable to the Weld County Clerk and Recorder for $3.00 per copy requested.  Copies may also be purchased in the office. 

Q: How late are documents accepted by the clerk?

A: Documents accepted after 3:00 p.m. will go on the next day’s business.

Q: Can documents be filed electronically?

A: Yes, please see the Submitting tab under Recording a Document.

Q: Can the clerk give legal advice?

A: Clerks are unable give legal advice. They are neither qualified nor allowed to do so. Clerks cannot assist in preparing your documents or notarizing them.

Q: Where can I find legal forms?

A: We do not provide or stock blank forms in the office. Contact an office supply store or business forms outlet for blank forms.

Q: Where can I find property ownership information?

A: To find out property ownership, visit the Assessor’s web site under "Property Information and Mapping".
Phone: (970) 353-3845.
Address: 1400 N 17th Avenue, Greeley.

Q: Where can I receive a release Deed of Trust?

A: Please contact the Weld County Public Trustee for information on how to release a deed of trust.
Phone: (970) 400-3290.
Address: 1402 N. 17th Avenue, Greeley.

Q: Where can I go to file for divorce or obtain a copy of divorce papers?

A: You may file for divorce or obtain a copy of a divorce decree from the Weld County District Court.
Phone: (970) 475-2400.
Address: 901 9th Avenue, Greeley.

Q: Where can I get birth and death certificates?

A: If the birth or death occurred in Weld County, contact the Weld County Health Department.
Phone: (970) 304-6410.
Address: 1555 N 17th Avenue, Greeley.