Running for Office

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Interested in running for local office?

If you are considering running for public office, you, your agent, fundraisers, and campaign manager need to become familiar with the requirements of Article XXVIII of the Colorado Constitution, Title 1, Article 45 C.R.S. and the Rules Concerning Campaign and Political Finance. Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

Tip 1: You become a candidate when you publicly announce and thereafter accept a contribution or make an expenditure on behalf of your candidacy.

[Art. XXVIII, Sec. 2(2) and Campaign and Political Finance Rule 1.10]

Tip 2: You must file a notarized candidate affidavit with the appropriate officer within 10 days of publicly announcing an intention to seek election or retention to public office. (C.R.S. 1-45-110)

Tip 3: Candidates for municipal offices such as mayor and city council, file their candidate affidavits with the city clerk.

Tip 4: Effective January 1, 2010, all other candidates will file with the Colorado Secretary of State. This is a result of the passage of HB 1357, passed by the Legislature in May 2009.

Tip 5: You remain a candidate – for campaign finance purposes – as long as your committee is open. [Art. XXVIII, Sec. 2(2)]

For more information about running for public office, contact the organization (school board, city/town, college board, your political party etc.) to determine positions that are open and the specific requirements for seeking office in that organization.

For more information about seeking office and about the Fair Campaign Practices Act, visit the Colorado Secretary of State’s website at

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