Building Department

Mission Statement

To protect and enhance the quality of life for County residents through the implementation of the adopted Comprehensive Plan, Weld County Code, and Building Codes while providing professional, friendly and quality customer service to the community. 

Building in Weld County

The Weld County Planning Department is organized into two service divisions including Building Inspection and Planning Services.

New Construction HomeCounty residents are the most important people that come into our office, whether in person, mail or on the phone we are dependent on them. The Building Department’s goal is to work with the residents of Weld County to help them achieve their goals while providing safety during and after the construction process.

The Weld County Building Code, as adopted, addresses the design and installation of buildings and structures through requirements which focus on safety, design control and construction quality.

Notice to Contractors and Homeowners doing work in Weld County

Weld County has recently adopted the 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC) and the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

  • The effective enforcement date of the 2020 NEC will be July 1, 2021.  All work applied for thereon after will be required to comply with the new code.  Work applied prior to this date will need to comply with the 2017 NEC.
  • The effective enforcement date of the 2018 IECC will be delayed until January 1, 2022.  Implementation of the new Energy Code is being delayed to allow staff, contractors, and homeowners to obtain training and get familiarized with the new code requirements. The adoption of the 2018 IECC will require additional documents to be submitted at the time of application.  The list of additional requirements will be posted when the list of new items gets finalized. All work applied for thereon after will be required to comply with the new Energy Code. The 2006 International Energy Code will remain in effect until December 31, 2021.