Agricultural and Land Questionnaire

Agricultural Land

Colorado law requires agricultural assessment only for land being used for the primary purpose of obtaining a monetary profit from farming or ranching. Subdivided land, idle land, and land used primarily for pleasure animals or recreation generally does not qualify for agricultural assessment.

In order to meet state requirements, we must have proof of agricultural use for the previous two years and current year. Please fill out the Ag Questionnaire(PDF, 201KB) and send any information to support your agricultural use to our office.

The following will be treated as confidential information:

  • Copy of lease agreement or a receipt of lease payment
  • Form 1040 and 1040F or equivalent form from IRS return
  • Sales invoices of agricultural products or livestock
  • Account balance sheets
  • Brand inspection certificates
  • Profit and loss or financial statements

Vacant Land Assessment Questionnaire

Vacant Land Colorado law requires that land developers complete and return the Vacant/Subdivision Land Questionnaire to the Weld County Assessor’s Office no later than MARCH 20 of the current year. The statute, CRS 39-1-103 (14) requires that all developers of vacant land complete this questionnaire in order to help the assessor fairly value the land.

You may also attach any supporting documents or other relevant information. All information submitted will be treated as confidential.