Schools/Churches/Charitable Organizations

Property which is owned and used solely and exclusively for religious purposes, for private schools, or for strictly charitable purposes is exempt, §§ 39-3-106 through 113 and 116, C.R.S.  Owners of property which may qualify for exemption as owned and used for religious purposes, a private school, or strictly charitable purposes must file an application with the Property Tax Administrator.

Process to File for Exemption for a School/Church/Charitable Organizations

  1. Fill out one application form per parcel for which you are requesting exemption.     

    Click here for Exemption Applications

  2. Return the form and a check for the application fee made out to the Colorado Department of Local Affairs  to the county assessor’s office.  
  3. The county section of the application(s) will be updated and the form(s) and check(s) will be forwarded to the Property Tax Administrator at the State of Colorado, Department of Local Affairs, Division of Property Taxation. 

Once the review process is completed by the Property Tax Administrator’s office, a Final Determination notice will be sent to the applicant and the county assessor.