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Welcome to the Weed Division website. We hope you can easily find the answer you are looking for here. If not please call 970-304-6496 ext. 3770 to speak with someone from the Weed Division.

Landowner Education and Compliance

  • Work with landowners to identify noxious weeds
  • Develop management plans
  • Offer cost-share money
  • Low cost rent of 4, 25-gallon sprayers and calibration assistance
  • Enforce the Weld County Code, Chapter 15. This Code requires certain noxious weeds to be eradicated or controlled. 

Roadside Spraying Program

The roadside spraying operation utilizes three specialized spray trucks designed for roadside spraying in the County’s right-of-way. A fourth truck is used for bare-ground applications.

Weld County is divided into 6 regions and each truck is assigned two areas. When the trucks are spraying the operators are only targeting specific noxious weeds.

Some species are not on our list, these include: sunflower, cocklebur, punturevine, kochia and Russian thistle. Most roads are covered twice in a season.

The typical season starts in April and ends in October.

Roadside Mowing Program

The roadside mowing focuses on the paved roadsides. Each paved road is mowed twice a year.

Annually, the two mowing tractors cover approximately 2500 lane miles in Weld County.

The boom mower truck targets intersections and bridges all over the County to aid in visibility and safety on an as needed basis.

Reseeding Assistance

Individualized seed mixes are developed for erosion control and bank stabilization after construction projects are completed. Reclamation is also carried out at our mining facilities as needed.

Buying and Selling Land

The excitement of buying a new place and making your dreams come true shouldn’t be hindered by a noxious weed infestation. Likewise the sale of your property shouldn’t come to a screeching halt because of a noxious weed infestation.

By law realtors are required to disclose if a property has a noxious weed infestation. However, most realtors are unable to identify all of the noxious weeds that are on the State list.

Contact the Weld County Weed Division office if you are buying or selling property. We will meet with you on site in unincorporated Weld County  to review the vegetation, identify any noxious weeds present as well as provide estimated control costs and the best option for addressing the specific noxious weeds and other vegetation on the property.

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(970) 304-6497

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