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Weld County's Forensic Pathologists have 12 years of higher education, including college, medical school, and specialization in clinical, anatomical, and forensic pathology.

Out of the 14-15 Forensic Pathologists in Colorado, Weld County has two full-time forensic pathologists and one part-time pathologist.

To report a death after hours please call 970-350-9600 ext. 4 and ask for the on-call coroner.

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Currently there are no Unidentified Females

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Office of the Coroner / Medical Examiner
915 10th Street (3rd Floor) Rm. 325
Greeley, Colorado 80632
Mailing Address:
PO Box 758 - Greeley, CO 80631-0758
phone:(970) 392-4545
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